Interplanetary – Achievement Guide

I don’t wanna spend too much time, as achievements aren’t very complicated, so I’ll just go over it without formatting.


All single-player achievements can be done in one playthrough, I’d recommend 2 separate ones, that would probably be shorter overall.

First – create a local lobby with 2 easy AI. Set material deposit to as high as possible, number of cities to 1, planet size to big, gravity to high and planet movement to slow. These options leave you with one target for each enemy to defeat them and make it easier for you to aim the projectiles.

You can take your time learning game systems as easy bot will usually develop at a similar pace as beginner player, but slows down later (though some AI bug to harder difficulty sometimes, from what I experienced. The only thing to remember really is to cover your city with defenses and have some energy in backup to defend (AI strikes rarely, and almost never if its on the opposite side of the system. Mechanics aren’t really complicated, aside from multitude of building/city expansions, so when you think you’ve got the hang of it, you can start with the achievements.

Achievements in the first playthrough:

  • Surgical Devastation/Like a Fist of an Angry God/Multitasker – Fire your superweapons, both in the same turn, you research them towards the end of research tree in 2 separate branches. Save some material to build them if you’ve almost exhausted planet resources, they take about 2000 material + some energy each and ~700 energy for each to fire. Asteroid superweapon is more fun, but won’t really help you with other achievements, aside from maybe an accident.
  • Lord in a Harvest – Defeat an enemy planet, done by destroying all their cities, or in the case of our settings, only 1 of them. Save Before Doing It. Best way for me was to upgrade rockets with biological weapons (last upgrade before asteroid) and the range increases so you can either place rockets just outside defense fields or straight up overwhelm them with enough missile launchers or kill kinetic defense with lasers, up to you.
  • Turbo-Reaper – Same as above, just make sure to have enough missiles to kill 2 planets at once. Use the save from Lord in a Harvest to build up enough for that if you missed it the first time. Save Just Before Firing just in case.
  • Science Victory? – Clearing everyting in the tech tree, it may take a while but it will progress every turn no matter what.
  • Make room! Make room! – The achievements says to grow 5 cities to max pop, which is 1 billion ppl. It’s probably wrong, since I grew 5 cities in 10 city game and nothing happened, but got it when I grew the only city on different playthrough. Interpret it as “grow all your cities to max pop” probably.
  • Interplanetary Home Run – Hit your own planet with a railgun, build around a dozen railguns at some point and start trying to hit your planet, by gravity slingshoting around planets or sun (or you can just barrage the enemy, and the chance of missing and it coming back to you is not that low). As long as you have decent defenses, no amount of accidental fire returning should be a problem.
  • Tesla would be Proud/Earned It Square/Too much! – Build up nuclear plants/mines/all buildings, as long as you have max resources available on the planet, you’ll get it sooner or later. Just make sure to build tightly while leaving space for defense buildings and build offshore mines when you get them, to occupy less land.
  • Just what do you think you’re doing, Dave?/I Am Become Death/BSOD – Achievements for killing 100 cities and winning 100 games. Use save from turbo reaper achievement to kill only one of the planets, and save just before killing the other (you can kill the defenses of the other planet or damage the city enough to not destroy it. If you determine the city is 1 salvo away from dying, SAVE, and kill the city to win the scenario. Now reload that last save and do the same 100 times.

1,5th playthrough:

  • Eyes on the Gauge – Just set material deposits to 1 in game setup screen, use a mine, and voila

2nd playthrough:

Set up should be pretty much the same as before, but you may want to disable superweapons, as AI is pretty decent at using them.

  • Inconceivable! – Beat impossible AI – use all you learned from first playthrough to nuke it into oblivion ASAP.
  • Great! – It’s probably pretty hard to get hit enough to proc it but not die outright, you can try letting the AI fire on you, but it may take a while, which brings me to

Multiplayer Achievements:

I haven’t touched Enhanced Edition yet, but there you can apparently just play with bots like in single-player. Here however I don’t see such an option, so there’s probably a need for 8 players to gather to complete it in one session.

All multiplayer achievements boil down to:

  • Win a game with 8 players
  • Win 100 multiplayer games
  • And possibly getting Great! achievement while you’re at it

How I see it 8 people would take turns, where 7 ppl would surrender immediately and 1 wins, and repeat 8 times with different person each time. Then 8 people split into 4x 1v1 groups and take turns surrendering until reaching 100 wins. This part can also be done before the 8 player match, doesn’t really matter, as long as we can get 8 people at some point.

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