Dragon Age: Origins – Fix Problems with Starting The Game

Fix problems with starting the game due to directx & physx.

How to Fix

This guide is designed for Steam Deck users. On arch linux, I had everything run out of the box.

N.B: All manipulations are performed outside the gaming mod (on the desktop)

So, the path is short, but it needs to be done:

  • You need to download proton tricks, to do this, go to your desktop and use the discover app to download Proton Tricks;
  • Then download Dragon Age Origins UE or regular edition (doesn’t matter)
  • After downloading the game, right-click on it and go to local files, the file manager window will open, you need the redist folder;
  • In the redist folder, find the DirectX folder and go to it; in
  • Find the file DXSETUP.exe and run it;
  • After installing directx, run proton tricks and select dragon age from the list (ATTENTION, in order for the game to appear, you need to run it at least once after downloading);
  • After a while, a menu should appear where you need to select “Select the default wineprefix” and click OK;
  • Do not pay attention to errors, if there are any, and click OK everywhere, waiting for the next window to appear;
  • In it, select “install a Windows DLL or component” and click OK again;
  • In the window that appears, scroll down until we find the “physx” component. Check the box against it and click OK;
  • If there is an error about the hash sum, we ignore it. After the installer window appears, click ok everywhere and install;
  • If you have not yet installed compatibility with proton – install and run the game.

As a result, the game runs perfectly, the error from the configurator about the old directx disappeared and the error associated with physx also disappeared.

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