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V Rising Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of game is V Rising?

  • V Rising is an open-world vampire survival game that includes PvE, PvP, build, and crafting elements all wrapped up in a gothic horror setting.

What platforms is the game going to be released on?

  • It will be available on the PC, on Steam.

Is the game going to be a multiplayer or solo experience?

  • V Rising is intended to be a mix of both! The current design has the game being played on individual servers, tentatively looking to hold about 70-80 players online at one time. This gives you plenty of room to play with and against other vampire players out in the world.

Is it possible to play the game solo?

  • Yes! V Rising is designed to be a fully enjoyable solo experience, meaning you can take the game at your own pace if you like.

If there’s multiplayer and PVP, there’s got to be clans, right?

  • Exactly right! The current design of clans has them as smaller units, no more than four people for you to ally and share a castle with.

Is this game related to Battlerite, or is it an entirely new game?

  • V Rising will be a new franchise set in a never-seen-before universe, unrelated to Battlerite. That said, V Rising’s fighting is inspired by Battlerite’s skill-based combat, where aiming and dodging skills with WASD input is crucial for victory.

What’s the difference between Battlerite and V Rising’s combat?

  • It’s like apples and oranges. In Battlerite you chose a champion with a specific set of abilities and could customize them slightly with your rites. In V Rising, you get to tailor your abilities between different crafted weapons and skill kits. The experience of combat will also be very different, involving dynamic monsters in PvE and having to move strategically between shadows to avoid the sunlight.

What makes this a ‘Vampire’ game, exactly?

  • The mechanics of V Rising play pretty heavily into the gameplay. A day/night cycle with dynamic shadows during the day for you to navigate carefully. Drinking different kinds of blood to get different benefits. Kidnapping humans to keep in your dungeon! All the hits!

What perspective do you play the game from, and how does the camera work?

  • V Rising plays from a top-down perspective. In the current design, the camera is slightly tilted with the ability to rotate 360°. This allows for great perspective and camera freedom.

Can you tell me more about the castles?

  • An essential component of V Rising is going to be building and maintaining your castle. This is where you’ll store things like crafting stations, supplies, and servants to help manage everything.

Is V Rising going to go into Early Access release?

  • Yes, it will. The date for Early Access is yet to be determined; we’ll keep you posted.

How much will the game cost?

  • This is yet to be determined.

When can we see some gameplay?

  • Gameplay is on the way! We’re working on a proper gameplay trailer for late this summer. Hold on just a bit longer!
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