V Rising – VOIP on Private Servers

This guide will teach you how to get VOIP on your private server.

Hosting a Server (Rental Service Providers)

You can alternatively host a server at a Game Server Hosting Provider.

Your server will be started instantly!

How to Get VOIP to Work

Are you not lucky you stumbled upon this guide? Cause the more people who find out about this guide the harder to get VOIP on your server.

So why are you lucky well keep reading and you will find out. I will list the steps one by one in the simplest manner I can.

First you want to create a .json in your settings folder where all your other settings are located where ever that may be. It will look like the following:

This file below will be labeled: ServerVoipSettings.json

            "VOIPEnabled": true,
            "VOIPIssuer": " ",
            "VOIPSecret": " ",
            "VOIPAppUserId": " ",
            "VOIPAppUserPwd": " ",
            "VOIPVivoxDomain": " ",
            "VOIPAPIEndpoint": " ",
            "VOIPConversationalDistance": 14,
            "VOIPAudibleDistance": 40,
            "VOIPFadeIntensity": 2.0

Here is the hard part you need the VIVOX API Keys in order for this to work. You will need to create an organization and sign up for VOIP. Go to the following:

You will then use this information on the above file to grant yourself access to VOIP! Your amazing for providing your server with VOIP! The reason I believe it may become harder to gain access to VOIP is because the more people who apply to get one the more flooded for approvals they will get and the harder it will be to get by under scrutiny.

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