V Rising – Find the Right Server – PVE / PVP / Full Loot / Private

FInd what sort of server and settings is best for you/or you and friends.

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V Rising is a great early access vampire RPG/Survival Hybrid which blends a fusion of aspects from survival games such as Valheim and Rust, and the combat of games like LOL and Dota.

I am really enjoying it however I’ve found those first playing the game and what server to choose a little on the ambiguous side. don’t let this throw you off this masterpiece of a game.

This guide will explore what you need to know before you choose a server.

Game Modes

Right now the game is divided into two game modes. I recommend PVE for new players.

PVE – (Player vs Player + Player Vs Enemy) means you will have a chance to figure out the game first without dyeing and losing your gear to more experienced players.

PVP – (Player Vs Enemy) can be an invigorating game-play experience however unforgiving to new players as more experience players.

There are also extra settings beyond these two server types, which include how much of your equipment you lose upon dying; what times of day you can raid enemy castles; how many resources you get from mining and gathering, and so on.If you want to just learn how to play and progress through the tech tree, you’d best pick PvE, at least at first. If you’re interested in the extra layer and challenge of facing off against other vampires while you explore and expand your domain, then PvP is for you.

Picking a Server

First, you’ll have to pick a server. You have five options:

  1. PVE – No player combat; you only fight NPCs. (Best for new players)
  2. PVP – You can fight other players. (Recommend 2-4 players)
  3. Duo PVP – A PVP experience tuned for teams of two. (1-2 players)
  4. Full Loot PVP – All of your items — including equipped gear can be stolen if you’re killed. (Recommend 4 players)

What Happens When You Die in V Rising?

The consequences of death in V Rising depends on the type of server you’re playing on.

  • PVE – You will keep your equipment, but you’ll drop everything else on the ground.
  • PVP – You will keep your equipment, but you’ll drop everything else on the ground. Other players can steal your dropped loot.
  • Full Loot PVP – You will lose everything you’re carrying, including your equipment. Other players can steal your dropped loot.

Finding the Right Server

There are official and community based servers.

Offical servers – will have standard settings based developers preference

Community Servers – Will vary in settings such as difficulty, raid time-frame, day length, player count, ect

Check the full list of servers to find one that fits your needs, and if you don’t find one, you can feel free to start your own dedicated server instead and customise the rules however you like.

Our Servers

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