Spec Ops: The Line – FUBAR Difficulty Guide

This is a guide made to help people complete the FUBAR difficulty. Obviously, my opinion is subjective and I can be wrong. Just so you know, I completed FUBAR 2 times and got ALL of the achievements for this game.

General Tips


You will dying during this difficulty. And you will die A LOT. Don’t give up just cas “I hate this ♥♥♥ game”. You know you’re doing it for a greater target-be that one noname in those 3% who got the FUBAR achievement.


Your hp, apparently, is very limited. One burst from any weapon usually leads to your death. When you are at the rightmost/leftmost side of cover, their bullets can reach you. And, if unlucky, kill you instantly. Don’t be afraid to sometimes run from cover to cover, as per they usually won’t hit you if you’re just running(except if there’s snipers).


Very important thing to do is to have the aim of a hacker level. Pre-aim before getting out of cover and shooting, as per sometimes you’re getting supressed by multiple enemies and don’t have time to stay out of cover even for a second. Aim for heads and fire small deadly bursts. Always remember-you are a death machine, and the more range is between you and them, the better it is.


If you have enemies close, prepare to get naded. Always imagine “What if enemy nades me?” and choose where to run to. Better shoot out of right-most/left-most sides of cover(the irony of what I told in “life” part), this way less enemies can hit you. When enemies are on top, small covers may sometimes fail you, so pick the right places.



Deadly and effective, but you usually won’t get it and it’s ammo. Decent weapon.


It sounds good but in reality isn’t. You only need this to do lots of damage in small time amounts(vs heavy) and in other times it simply loses to ak/famas/m4a1. Not bad, but there are still better things to have in your slots. Not a bad weapon.


Best weapon in the game, OP af and you only get to use it in last chapters. Once you get this, stop using anything other. This allows to insta-kill any enemy except heavy(which dies very fast also).


Great at start, but loses to m4a1. Why? The accuracy of this compared to your starting assault rifle is in best questionable. The good side of this weapon is you get a lot of ammo for it in start, thus you actually can shoot from this. At later stages of the game, there are better weapons. Good weapon.

Mounted cannon

Use whenever you can. Very deadly and armored. Do not let it overheat and you will be okay. It’s worst part is the fact you can’t move it. Apply the same logic to minigun. Good weapon.

Desert eagle

Same thing as magnum.


Better version of ak-47, still lacking accuracy compared to m4a1. Not a bad weapon.


This is a joke. There’s a very limited amount of scenarios this weapon actually is useful. Better switch to another one once you can. I do not recommend using this.


This is what is called fun. Spam lmb and focus priority targets. Kill em all.


Once you have enemies spawning with this, use it permanently. It’s only problem is running out of ammo and when it stops, the damage and amount of ammo in the mag simply overwhelm any other weapon by stat numbers. Good weapon.


Great weapon when you have ammo for it. Has insane damage and aoe. Use it whenever offered. Good weapon.


Nearly best out of assault rifles. All up until the endgame(where you recieve crazy weapons), you should consider using this. Good weapon.


Better use the micro 9mm. Complete garbage.

Micro 9mm

When you can switch this weapon, do it. There’s not much weapons worse than this. Trash.


Quite hard to aim when you’re not used to it, but when you realize how to this becomes an insane weapon. By damage output it defeats any assault rifle and the accuracy is great. Good weapon.


Basically the same grenade launcher, but with only 1 bullet in mag. Use when you can, but this will not do much. Decent weapon.


Best assault rifle. It’s accuracy is on acceptable level, a bit lower than m4a1, but the grenade launcher simply makes it superior. Good weapon.


Very trashy as per most weapons do better at high range. Switch once you can. I don’t recommend using this.


Good at close ranges, but is outclassed by any assault rifle. Pick when you’re running low on ammo. Decent weapon.


This is competing for the worst weapon with the M9. Trash range and questonable damage. I don’t recommend using this even at start.


Frag grenade/sticky grenade-use to bomb mounted cannon/stun heavies. Very useful and universal. Flash grenade-use to stun enemies if getting too overwhelmed. Keep in mind that this won’t work on heavy/mounted cannon. A bit less useful.

And thus, we have all weapons(except several secret I didn’t try out) covered.



Weakest enemies in the game. Equipped with trash they aren’t really scare. Beware of nades as they insta-kill you. You shouldn’t be having problems with those enemies.


A bit stronger than refugees. Can take up more hits and are better equipped, especially in lategame, but generally the idea stays the same. Don’t get naded and you should be fine.


Very deadly and fragile. Shoot them before they shoot you. Keep in mind that sometimes they one shot you so if there’s multiple of them it may be wise to command bots to help.


Kill him before he gets to you, don’t underestimate him and he shouldn’t be a problem.


Heavily armored and well-equipped they pose a real threat to your life. Do not try to be a terminator like vs other foes, as per they have too much armor and will kill you. Take them one by one with headshots. Later in the game, when you have strong weapons, they shouldn’t be a problem.


This is the strongest enemy of the game being hard to beat even at the end. Common tactic is using a nade to stun him and then unloading your magazine. 2 times and he’s dead. If you have no nades, wait for him to reload. He can’t keep shooting forever. When he’s close, shoot blindly. His bullets will kill you in no time and your teammates too. It would be wise to order bots to help vs this before he knocks both of them down. Great thing is he leaves an m249 after his death, which is really good early. After all the things said above, may god help you versus such cancer.


Don’t underestimate your bots but also don’t do the opposite. They have insane health amounts but are easily downed by a heavy. Let them take damage while you destroy enemies with your skill. They posses very low firepower if not commanded to kill a specific enemy. Sometimes, the game will offer you to order them to throw stun nades-do it. They have aimbot and will blind enemies no matter what.

They are also good at taking out mounted cannons(they simply nade it). Keep in mind that sniper will only take the sniper rifle when you target someone, so don’t spare your keys giving them targets. Force them to heal each other all the times you can.

Usually the enemy will simply not outdamage their revival spam, giving you time to kill all the threats. If both die, you must revive one yourself which is very risky. Your best bet is killing all nearby enemies before doing so, and ordering one to revive the other once he can.



You shouldn’t have problems here. Get ak-47 instead of M9 and just kill enemies.


The end of chapter is a survival fight. Do not try to kill far enemies, kill those who go close and run to ur teammates after a nade. After some time the cutscene triggers and u win.


Start is quite hard, but as long as your cover isn’t a window you should be fine. Take out the roof enemies, they focus you and are your main threat. Beware of nades. Later on, there would be a moment where you should abuse mounted turret. A lot. Then you go out of the building. Use covers and shoot the enemies, you’re still very accurate.


Overall, killing the 33rd isn’t hard. The grenade launcher guy should be taken out from height advantage and killed fast-his damage is insane. In the end, the game is quite hard. Focus enemies trying to reach mounted cannons, don’t overheat, and shoot the window.


The part with snipers is quite hard. After you kill them and take cover in their location, the game starts pumping out insane amount of enemies. Don’t proceed, you’ll only kill yourself. Don’t let both bots die. Take out the snipers.


This chapter is hell. In start, it’s better to take out several enemies out and run to pick the shotgun and nades. Then you retreat to your starting car and wait for teammates. Remember-this is a survival fight. Fight off with a shotgun and nades, you should be good after several tries. Better get a small weapon(m9/micro 9mm/ump-45) after u clear the enemies after the dead body with a speaker cutscene. If you did, you can outrun helicopter after several tries. If you didn’t…prepare for hell. You have to roll insane RNG to pass, or simply restart the whole chapter. Good luck in this one.


First heavy you encounter isn’t hard, with focused fire of ur bots and nades he’s easy. Later when it comes to gould there’s hell. Take out 3 of those soldiers fast, then kill the snipers. You can even kill sniper first, then take 3 out and kill the other one. After it, run to nades box and take them. Do not let enemy take mounted turret. Kill enemies and nade heavy when he comes. Practice makes perfect-this chapter isn’t about tactic but about the pure skill u have. If you have no ammo by start of this hell-i advise you to pray. After heavy is dead take the mounted turret and kill enemies, crushing the wall when you don’t overheat.


Revenge for previous 2 chapters, commit all the war crimes you can with mortar. After it there’s a bit of cancer, and when in building, it’s very important to go on the 1st floor fast. Get ur hands ready to shoot fast and aim quickly and you’ll be good.


Kill one of the options when there’s snipers, you don’t want to fight them. Later on pick a famas and shoot everything you see. During the storm, the enemies have very small range, so just take them out from a distance.


Parking part is quite hard. Get the nades fast, kill the enemies, Get to the left side and use a nade>shoot tactic versus a heavy. The turret is taken out by shooting an explosive barrel nearby it. Grenade launcher part on truck is hell. You should hope the god will help you. React fast to enemy vehicles and helicopter, and after a bit of tries and with decent luck you’ll pass.


Just kill the enemies you see and you’ll be fine. The teleporting heavy part is unfair. A bit of luck and you’ll pass it, while sometimes you just can’t do anything about it.


During the escape from tower, kill enemies and target sniper the ones you can’t handle. It’s not that hard once you understand what to do. Don’t let ur bot suicide tho. The helicopter part is idiotism. Get some luck and you’ll pass it. All enemies are deadly if you let them live for too long.


Stay on range from your enemies and you should be fine. In start just kill 2 closest enemies and take the gun. You should be able to kill everyone and revive teammate before reinforcements arrive. The part where you’re overwhelmed at yacht you should just hide at farthest place and take enemies out one by one. Heavy is beaten by nade>shoot tactic. After you kill them, hide on top of yacht and kill anyone on the ladder closing. You can shoot at civilians but don’t waste too much ammo.


This is the part where you should be the deadliest in this game. No more mercy. Prepare for hell, but this time it’s completely fair. Kill enemies fast and you’ll get to that part with a lot of barricades fast. Then you kill 2 mounted cannons points with rpg and use the last shoot for the guys on ur left. Take their place and move to the wall. There’s a small place where you can actually bug the game and kill the mounted turret enemies while they can’t hit you, also kill the enemies closing on ur teammate to not get flanked. After that you run to a car, then to a mounted turret and it’s easy. Use grenade launcher vs heavy, then with his AA-12 it’s easy.


I believe you can handle this yourself. The guy you search for is on the 2nd floor opposite to the entrance.


Not necessary to kill them, but if you do, just abuse cover. Your AA-12 is too deadly for them to overpower you. Time plays on your side, just not get overwhelmed at start and you’re good.

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