Rust – Common Terms (New Players)

Commonly Used Rust Terms

L.R. – LR-300 assault rifle. Roughly on par with the A.K. (assault rifle). The L.R. does a little less damage but has less recoil. Uncraftable.

Hazzie – Hazmat suit. is a popular common loot item with decent armor from head to toe, only takes up one spot, prevents wetness and radiation damage.

Revo – Revolver.

Crossy – Crossbow.

Tommy – Thompson.

Custom – Custom S.M.G.

M2 – M249, which is the only L.M.G. in the game. Very hard to acquire and cannot be crafted.

Pumpy – Short for pump shotgun.

Pipey – Short for pipe shotgun.

D.B.S. (DEE-BEEESSS) – Double Barrel Shotgun.

Bolty – Bolt action rifle.

Semi – Semi auto rifle/pistol.

Headshot hit – Headshot and hit someone in the body. Usually called out to mean the enemy is very low hp.

Domed – Headshot someone in a particularly epic way, usually meaning it was a one-shot kill.

Boom – Used as a noun. The general group of explosives that require sulfur to craft. Beancan grenades, satchels, C4, rockets, explosive ammo, sulfur ore, sulfur, and gunpowder are all considered boom. “I just downed this dude outside of Outpost. He had so much ♥♥♥ boom on him”.

Core – The central/main room of a large base, usually containing the T.C. and most of the loot, or the most critical loot, like the boom, high tier guns/armor, and scrap. The area is most likely to be armored or have extra traps and defenses.

Counter – The players who hear explosives being used on another base and go there to try and profit from another group’s boom. They will try to kill the raiders and take their boom. They may use the boom to continue the raid.

Online/offline – Online is raiding someone online, presumably in their base. The defender has a chance to defend and will PVP to protect it.

Offline – Is raiding a base without its owners offline, so they have no chance to fight back.

Grubbing/grub – Cheesy low effort, possibly cowardly plays to get better gear. Grub tactics are often used by players with no skills/bad skills and bad equipment.

Unlootable – Not used in a literal sense. It generally means boxes/T.C. placed into a building so that you can destroy them but not reach the loot bag through the window or some such. So it requires destroying an additional wall using more boom if you want to collect the loot during the raid. This wastes the raiders’ boom, possibly meaning they won’t have enough to get to the core or additional loot rooms.

Drain – To waste all of a turret or shotgun traps ammo. Sometimes you can get them to keep shooting and missing, or you keep respawning and jumping naked in front of it and dying until the ammo is gone.

Map wipe – The map and its save file and all bases are deleted. Usually, a fresh new map with a new seed replaces it.

BP wipes – The admin deletes the files that save the player’s blueprints. Players will have to learn everything again. Facepunch servers generally do not bp wipe unless there are significant changes to the bp system. Modded and community servers have their own rules. Some don’t bp wipe, but most will bp wipe every other map wipe. So you get a bp/map wipe. Next month just a map wipe, then bp/map wipe again, and so on. this adds some variety of starting fresh vs. already knowing stuff.

Forced wipe – Admins can wipe the map and bps any time they want. Facepunch will automatically wipe the maps for all servers, including community, modded, and private servers, on the first Thursday of every month. This is the forced wipe.

Mini – Minicopter.

Heli – Usually refers to the patrol helicopter.

Scrap helicopter – Bigger Helicopter.

Chinook – 2-Rotor Heli.

Zerg – Large Group usually considered 5+.

Freshspawn – A Freshspawn is someone who just spawned in and has nothing but a rock and a torch (The items you spawn with).

Naked – A player is wearing no clothes/armor.

Geared/Kitted – Players are wearing clothes, armor, and higher-tier weapons, such as guns.

Jump check – If a team member asks you to “Jumpcheck,” they ask you to jump in the game to verify it is you. Jump as fast as you can because it is likely they have a weapon aimed at your head.

Boost – Use one player’s model/head to jump on top of a 2×2 or low-level structure. It can be used to gain a tactical advantage in sticky situations.

Doorcamp – Sit outside someone’s base and wait for them to leave to attack. Last resort behavior, even the best resort to it.

Roof Camp – Sit atop your roof and shoot people from safety. usually nakeds, because your skill isn’t good enough. The best will seek you out to destroy you if you do this.

Body Bag – The bag left behind after you die.

Trap Base- A base specifically designed to trap unexpecting people inside in order to get their loot.

Tuns – Military tunnels, a monument in rust. Also called Mili.

Oil – A monument in rust. Small or large, Can also call Large oil ‘Large’. People use smoil for small oil rig.

Going deep – Managing to get into someone else’s base.

Full deep – Reaching TC by going deep.

Invalids – A common server fault where your projectiles hit your screen but not on the server, usually due to lag. It shows up as Projectile_Invalid if you type Combatlog under the command prompt.

TC – Tool cupboard used to claim ownership of a base. Honeycomb: A method of protecting your base by building (usually) triangle blocks of walls out of your base.

Airlock – Make a room at the front of your base so that your base will still be locked if you die opening your front door.

Compound – Area around a base but within any external walls around the base.

Peeks – Peek down, a method of leaving gaps at the top of your base looking down so that you can shoot down to defend your base.

Card run – Using green, red, or blue keycards to unlock rooms with high-value loot.

Griefing – A method of blocking someone in their base, or more commonly raiding and then building in the raided base so previous owners cannot easily use the base again.

Despawning – Using the server item despawn timer to delete items from the game. Usually done by salty people when being raided.

Bradley – The tank at the launch site drops elite crates when destroyed.

Downed – When a player is shot to 0 hp but can still crawl around and be revived.

Wall stack – A method of building secondary walls around your base and taking advantage of the way building privilege works in order to add external TCs to counter griefing.

Roof stacking – A method of taking advantage of how placements work in building to stack roofs very close together to make raiding a lot harder.

Node – A rock that comes in 3 different variations. Green nodes can be farmed for sulfur, grey nodes can be farmed for stone, and reddish nodes can be farmed for metal.

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