V Rising – How to Beat Octavian Militia Captain

Octavian Militia Captain Guide

Here is my little guide – to kill Octavian, you need of course highest gear level possible (61), good blood (rogue), and right selection of skills. And yes, use Brew of ferocity before fight.

Magic – 1. Barrier with skeleton. Skeleton works great as he distract Octavian. 2. Any shield spell. 3. Dash – frost dash with shield or chaos double dash.

Weapons. 1. Iron slashers. You wont believe, but this is only right weapon for dealing this boss.

What you want to do is, arise skeleton first by blocking any Octavian attack by barried (Ward of damned). Then, when Octavian will switch to skeleton, attack him by slashers q (fast dash back and forward), then go with E (invisibility) and put some hits on Octavian back. Use second shield when nessesary. When Octavian will summon archer, use Q on archer, then go E (invis), hit archer from invis – that will stun him, make few hits and finish archer with F and mouse click. It can be done really quick.

But here is main trick – after 50% health loss, watch Ocavian, and when he will announce his spinning crazy ult…  Hit e right before he ult and go to invisible state. Octavian didnt cast ult without seeing you. Thats it. That simple. No more ult. No more boss.

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