Stormworks: Build and Rescue – Basic Engine Tutorial

This a guide on how to make a basic engine, for this guide i’ll be using a medium engine.

Engine Guide to Basics

Engine Outputs

Firstly, put down your basic engine and add a fluid port to the air pipe, then connect the fluid tanks not gas tanks to the fuel port make sure that its diesel. Secondly, connect the coolant output with any type of radiator, if it is a 5×5 radiator make sure to add a button to turn it on. Lastly, connect pipes to the exhaust output and connect them to a fluid port or exhaust port, if you don’t like the exhaust coming out you can add catalytic converters in the pipe to reduce or get completely rid of the exhaust.

Rotation Per Second / RPS

Firstly connect any type of gearbox, it is optional but it can add reverse or different gears for different speeds. if you want to measure the torque of the engine then add a torque sensor, after that you can add anything that takes in RPS (Helicopter blades, propellers, or wheels).

  • Engine Information Outputs
  • Radiator Temperature
  • Engine Temperature
  • Engine RPS
  • Engine Torque
  • Battery
  • Fuel (Diesel)
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