Ready or Not – What Missions Have Traps (V1.0)

Alright so I know some of you are scared of bombs or traps in general and that is why I’m going to list down the missions that have them and what kind of booby traps they use on that mission.

Mission’ Traps

Note: Credit goes to Jonas Savimbi

Lethal Obsession

The ***** in that missions uses a ******* grenade so you better mirror every door or peek first before you go guns blazing on this ****** alright.

Ides of March

Man **** this mission seriously anyway they also use a grenade so you do the same ****** step as Lethal Obsession.

Sins of the Father

For some reason, Makarov and his pals use flash grenades so you don’t have to worry about blowing yourself up and I would advise abusing the AI by brute forcing themselves to the trap cause I do believe they have immunity against flash (And CS Gas for some reason but please don’t patch it so we can keep using those ballistic mask for them) bangs well you can correct me in the comment box if I’m wrong.

Note: Hopefully they don’t patch this **** cause the enemy AI is already ******* anyway unless if you use mods.

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