This Bed We Made – Who Is the Actual Murderer?

Warning! Large spoilers are below!

About Murderer

We don’t get the definitive answer, but the game implies for the snoopiest of players that the murderer was, indeed, Samuel Williams from 504. To be precise, the game makes the player believe that him being the trigger-man is the likeliest of possibilities, but…

…there’s also an interesting theory that every suspect involved is guilty. Here’s what points to it being very plausible:

If you choose Andrew as your acolyte, he mentions reading Agatha Christie’s novel “Murder on the Orient Express”, where basically every suspect involved was guilty. Most people chose Beth (like myself), so they missed that reference if they haven’t replayed the game whilst choosing Andrew. Could’ve been just a reference though, you never know.

  • Marcela benefits from her husband’s death the most, so after finishing the game my understanding of her plan that supports this theory is as follows:
    • She empties the bank account and becomes the beneficiary of Hector’s untimely demise due to his insurance.
    • Seems like an absolute miracle that Samuel Williams (aka the guy whose life got destroyed due to Hector’s actions (or inaction)) gets the room at the same hotel and even at the same floor with him just as his unfaithful wife decides to leave him and runaway with her lover that also lives next door. I don’t believe he gathered that information all by himself without any tip of someone close to Hector, that being also Marcela, of course. I don’t think SW was stalking the stalker (Paul), the Cruz’s and the Beaumont’s (Bercy’s) at the same time, so he could conveniently frame them and escape the radar completely. Also, why is Hector’s gun in the safe and not on him? If it’s even his gun in the first place.
      • Hector had a scheduled meeting on February 16th which is an anniversary of Samuel’s family dying in a fire. So it makes sense they contacted each other in person.
    • Paul is very unrealiable as a trigger-man, so why not make him a perfect scapegoat instead? He conveniently dragged his butt to the hotel with all his stalking, mental illnesses, pills and, most importantly,…..FRANK’S BEANS, which he was obviously eating (it’s just the reference to Frank from Life is Strange and doesn’t have to do anything with the case, but I wanted to add this part lol)…. so barring the beans he already made himself look guilty AF without even doing anything. Or he just becomes a full-on Marcela’s stalker after she told him that she doesn’t need his service anymore (relapse mode activated, hello military flashbacks, my old friend, I’ve come to talk to you again), also screwing him off of his wages, which leads to Paul end up as a main suspect by complete accident.

In short Marcela’s plan reads as follows: Marcela wanted to get out of marriage and reconnect with Anne, so she hired Paul and tipped Samuel off of Hector’s location, so either Samuel or Paul kills her husband (most likely being Samuel due to Paul being too unreliable), whilst Marcela, Anne and Michael run to California away from trouble leaving Paul as a scapegoat and letting Samuel “avenge his family” in his mind.

The problem with that was Marcela being sloppy with the evidence and the fact that she chose THE HOTEL as a place to do the deed is questionable, because that leads to leaving many potential witnesses or curious maids like Sophie.

Or it could’ve just been Paul all along accidentally killing Hector after a potential altercation on the 5th floor. Upon realization he panicked, stuffed the body into the freezer and tried to run away, same goes for Marcela and Anne. But this doesn’t explain who got the body out and put it near the elevator.

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