Stormworks: Build and Rescue – How to Get to the Arctic (Career Mode)

Stormworks: Build and Rescue - How to Get to the Arctic (Career Mode)
Stormworks: Build and Rescue - How to Get to the Arctic (Career Mode)

This guide on how to get to the arctic.

Guide on How to Get to the Arctic

Pre Guide

So, for those who like a video, I will link one here:

For those who like text guides, read below!

Chapter One: Beginning

So career mode is hard! You need alot of money to buy the arctic island. You should also save ~50K.

for the plane. In this guide, I used a Goose because of it’s long range and amphibious capabilities. If you want to build your aircraft, I’d say there are 2 critical things: A fuel gauge and an Altitude hold. Why? Because you can easily run out of fuel on your arctic run!

Chapter 2: Flying

Go to the mainland train depot and head north. Eventually, the tracks will split and just follow the one heading north. Simply apply altitude hold and use the rudder to steer yourself along the tracks.

If you actually know where the island is, just use the Autopilot function and get your aircraft to fly there 😉

Also, a quick tip:

  • For painless flight make sure there is no lightning. Why? because lighting will temporarily shut down all electric systems, causing some planes to fall out of the sky!

Chapter 3: Dealing with the Night

At night, it can be very difficult to see, so we must use the instruments to fly! This is actually called “instrument flying” or “night flying” and is something you train to do when taking a pilot’s licence!

In Stormworks, what we do is look for the train tracks because it is just visable. If you are in FPV only, use the map as a method to follow the tracks!

Chapter 4: Getting to the Arctic

So, you see a colonised island with a concrete ramp. Then, the railway splits. The mainland should just be visable from here, so just stare at that horizon (and your fuel gauge)

However, your airplane is nearly out of fuel! So what do we do? Well, reduce prop pitch and throttle for maximum efficiency. In this case, I made it to the airfield with ~0.3 gallons left!

Also, landing on the arctic airfield can be annoying. This is because there are slopes that are hard to see and lead straight into the water. I recommend you do some touch and go’s in creative before making the trip in career.

To land, approach the airfield as you normally would, throttle down and remember, unless you are running on fumes, use the flaps! Then, drop the gear and when you are just above the runway, idle the engine so you “stall” onto the runway.

And now, congrats, you have made it to the arctic!

Chapter 5: Final Words

Remember that the arctic islands are expensive! Save 100K for them!

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