Stormworks: Build and Rescue – How to Wire Small Engine (Stormworks Boats)

This tutorial guide will help you understand how to connect all the wires to a boat and not logic. With the small engine.

Fuel Wiring

Well, how do i use wiring? Well you can use wiring by getting any type of pipe i prefer T piece with straight and angle.

But you might ask, well how do i put those on? You can hover your cursor over any type of cylinder built in with the small engine. and it will say a order of things for the type of cylinder you click. for example it will say fuel. So, you go to fuel and use any pipe i reccomend using only the left/right pipe and straight. Now you placed those you will need a fluid tank. go to your invintory and search “Fluid tank” ok good! now select any fluid tank and connect it to the wires or place it on the ground and connect the pipes to it.

Exhaust Wiring

This wons simple. Just place a exhaust “search exaust in the invintory and you will find fluid exhaust and double click it” and place it infront of the (Exhaust port.) Now, you are done with the exhaust wiring!

Air Wiring

This is another simple won, you just place the fluid port “search fluid port in your invintory and double click it and place it down on the (Fluid port) cylinder.”


Now this is the 2nd to last step and its about radiators. For the example shown in the image i will use a electric because it looks cool. You can use anything it dosent really matter much. But you will see the 2 cylinders called “fluid in” “fluid out” aka coolent in and coolent out. Now place a radiator. Anywere to be exact but connect the wiring thingy i told you about in this tutorial to the radiator. Now thats done.

Propeller Wires!

So, now your at the real 2nd to last step also i lied about no logic, but it will be really easy! Oh you noticed the picture, i think you can replicate that you can place wires in a direction (anywhere) and make sure the arrow of the propeller faces the front of your boat. now thats done!


Alrighty now were at the logic step follow the directions in the video linked.

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