Scrap Mechanic – How to Create World Backups

Creating World Backups

If you want to prevent from having a completely corrupted world, or you did something, or something happened while playing. Chances are you would like to go backwards in time. With world backing up you will be able to that, and it’s really simple!

Creating Files

Start off by creating a new folder (you can create it wherever you want, I would recommend in your “Documents” folder or on your desktop for easy access) and rename it to something you will remember such as “World Backups” for example.

Navigating Files

In order to backup your world, you will first need a world (obviously) You will then need to find the location of the world data base file. In order to do that, you want to press “Windows+R” and type in “%appdata%” then press enter. From there you want to navigate to the folder that is named “Axolot Games” you want to click through the individual folders till you come to a folder that contains all of the main folders for Scrap Mechanic. In that folder you want to navigate to the folder named “save” You are going to go into it and look for the folder named “Survival” once you enter that folder you should see the a file with the title of the world you have created.

For easier navigating I would recommend creating a shortcut to the “Save” folder in the exact same place where you created your “World Backup” folder, or inside of the world backup folder.

Creating Backups

To create a backup, right click on the world file in the “Save” folder. Click copy, go over to your “World Backup” folder, right click, and finally click paste. Make sure you rename the file to say for example “[world name here] Backup 1” every time you create a backup or copy of the world, make sure to name it according to what number backup it is, or what date you created it, to make it a lot easier to find the exact file you want when reinstating an old save.

To load up a backup, all you have to do is copy the backup file you made and paste it into the “Survival” “Save” folder where all the survival worlds are located.

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