Scrap Mechanic – Starting For the First Time

Starting For the First Time

If you have played the game for the first time and you have not seen YouTube videos on it, this guide will be the most helpful as I will go through the steps to having the best and fastest starting experience. I do want to make a disclaimer that there are other sources and guides on how to efficiently start a new world, but I am going to give you a very simple run-down on how I would optimally do so.

What to do First

When you load up the world there is a lot to take in. You start off in front of a crashed space ship of sorts that is on fire. If you try to enter, the whole inside is engulfed with flames. The first thing you must do, is go the exact opposite direction from the way you were facing when you spawn in. When you walk in that direction you should see a clear path that leads to a pond. On the left side of the pond you should see what looks like a garden or farm. Take this moment to look at the board that shows you how to farm.

Setting Up a Farm

If you did not understand what the board was trying to get you to do, continue reading on. First, you want to go up to the shack on the left. You want to grab the seeds by holding down right click. Once you have the seeds, walk over to the spot where there are soil spots. With the seeds selected in your inventory left click on a soil spot, and it should plant down a seed, do that on only 3 more plots. What you then want to do is is find a plastic bucket. There should be in plain sight sitting on top of a rock, and one within the farming area. Grab both of them, and with one of them selected in your inventory click on the water. The icon for the bucket should have a raised handle indicating that it is filled with water. Repeat the same with the second bucket. Walk over to where you planted down the seeds and left click with a filled bucket in hand looking at the crop. The soil should turn from a light brown to a dark brown almost black color indicating that it is watered, repeat that for the rest of the seeds you planted. On average, the wait time for a crop to grow is about 15 – 20 real life minutes. Make sure to get a few of each crop for a decent food source.

It is important to plant no more than 8 or 9 in the same area as that will cause the Farmbots to detect it as “Unauthorized farming” and at 00:00 the next night, you will get raided by Farmbots that if you don’t fight off, will instantly break the crops you just planted.

Looting and Collecting Materials

The next stage is to collect a bunch of materials and loot everything around the starting area. The first thing to do is fill your buckets with water, we are then going to put out all the fires in the crashed ship. Once you have done that, walk to the back right corner where there is a shelf. Grab the object that looks like a lamp and grab the switch that sits above it, along with anything else that looks useful. You are then going to walk towards the back of the ship, and into the room on the left. Take the “Sun Shakes” that are sitting above the bath tub on a shelf, and grab anything else that you can pick up that is in the back rooms. You are then going to leave the ship and walk through the destroyed area on the left. Take out your hammer and destroy the loot crates that sit on the damaged path. Once you have done that and gone to the end, continue and you should see a ruined building. Enter the ruined building through going up the stairs. When you are on the inside keep breaking those loot chests, but notice that there are things that look like sticks of scrap. Those are Haybot spines, and if you refine them by looking at them and pressing “E” you will receive 10 “Scrap Metal” Go through the building navigating all the way to the top, and go back down to the bottom. Across from that building there should be a parking lot and another ruined building. In the parking lot there should spawn 3-4 Haybots. In the next part I will tell you how to effectively fight them, but once they are fought, continue by looting that building. You may have to use your lift to access some areas by using your lift. To use your lift, place it down on the ground, stand on top of it, and press the up arrow to make it move up, and down arrow to go down.

Fighting Bots

If you get hit by a bot, it hurts. specifically haybots are a big danger to you and it’s not as easy as running from them. They can keep up to you pretty good and you are required to kill them. In order to defend yourself and most importantly kill them without taking damage you first of all need to get out your hammer. With the hammer in hand, you want to walk up to a hay bot. Once it has gotten your attention, you want to make sure you have a clear path behind you. You want to walk backwards looking directly at the haybot and hold left click to have your hammer constantly swing. When walking backwards the haybot should be able to out-run you, but you will be able to hit them. As you hit them, the haybots will try to stop and swing at you with their pitchforks, but because you are constantly moving backwards, they are not able to hit you. It always takes 5 hammer hits on them in order to finally kill them. Once you kill them, they explode into many parts, and they will always drop you their spines. Do the same thing, and hold “E” to refine them and get their scrap metal.

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