Scrap Mechanic – Tips and Tricks / FAQ (Survival Mode)

Scrap Mechanic - Tips and Tricks / FAQ (Survival Mode)
Scrap Mechanic - Tips and Tricks / FAQ (Survival Mode)

Survival Mode – FAQ

How can we reset the spawn point so that we aren’t respawning at the crashed ship on death?

There is a bed you can craft via the craft bot (the one shown off in the trailer). That when you sleep in it, resets your spawn point. Like Minecraft.

How do we get drinking water?

Sadly, you cannot drink water from a bucket or lake. (Though I think you should). You refill your thirst with either with a shake (you find these in crates) or just by eating. Most food items refuel the gauge a decent amount.

You can get milk from cows by putting corn on the ground in front of them (3 corn gives 1 milk). Look for farm areas, you can find 6-10 cows with plenty of corn around.

Is there a crafting menu? I can’t find anything.

There is no player craft menu, you use the craft bot found either in the ship, or the one you can make in the repair station. (It’s the building with the giant wrench above it).

What is the black block for vacuum pipes?

It’s glass, you can mine stone from the huge rocks and turn that into sand to make glass.

How do I get stone?

Any rock I hit just says “Stone is too large for sledgehammer” or just doesn’t say anything at all.

You need to craft the drill in the craftbot. Get the scrap from the haybots and take the scrap metal to the craftbot to turn into metal.

How can I join multiplayer after the survival update?

I cant find the multiplayer button that existed before the survival update. 

Now you have to go through to your friend and join their game.

How do you split a stack in survival?

I realize that you can right-click and drag to split one item, or shift+right-click to split one item. How would I split a stack of 200 in half without having to click a hundred times?

Use MMD (Middle Mouse Button).

How do I craft more recipes?

I can only make recipes from the crafting station at the starting ship. Survival btw.

Find the Crafting Bot station, do some good exploring and you would find MANY buildings needed to progress! Best idea is just get some car and find a new place to setup base.

How do you get wood in survival?

Smack the tree till it falls. then keep smacking the parts until the piece can be refine. Then hold down the refine button.

Where to find Cotton?

Cotton takes a while to find. Sometimes it would take you an entire day just to get to it. Keep exploring down the road for a day or 2, and you will run into some at that point.

Survival Mode – Tips

  • The beginning wheels are terrible, you’re better off running until you can make normal wheels.
  • Look for a large building with a glowing wrench sign, it has facilities for crafting advanced materials and items.
  • The countdown on your farm indicates when robots will attack your plants. You can use this to farm robot parts as well.
  • If you want to carry something around but it slows your character down, attach it to your vehicle, put your vehicle on a lift, and then carry the whole thing that way without a movement debuff.
  • Look for beehives on tall rock formations, not trees.
  • If you find dormitories with hostile robots inside, don’t refurbish it for later use, those hostile robots will likely respawn.
  • Bigger buildings have stronger robots, don’t bother with the really huge ones until you graduate from starter gear or you’ll die in two shots.
  • Swimming is really buggy, mute your volume and don’t stay under for too long at a time or you’ll blow out your eardrums and the game will stutter and crawl worse and worse until you resurface.
  • Press H for the basics and don’t skip any steps on building your first car.
  • You may need to make two beginner engines to attach all four wheels on your first car.
  • Backpedaling while swinging your hammer at robots will prevent you from getting hurt most of the time.
  • Get to the middle of a building before starting a fight or you might get punched off the ledge and fall.
  • You can craft a respawn bed after making the advanced crafting robot at the wrench-sign garage.
  • Items dropped instead of placed won’t disappear, as far as I’ve seen.
  • Carrots aren’t great as food but are useful for expanding your farm since you can make them into Soil.
  • If your vehicle is flipping itself over, lower the power output. You’ll still reach the same top speed, but start slower. If it’s still flipping, redistribute the weight by adding blocks, keeping in mind that different materials have different weights.
  • I have no clue what to do with the surviving farmer trapped in a round cage. I just rolled him to my base and keep him in the corner. Be careful not to push him into a lake I guess.

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  1. Hey! The farmer is used for trading – you can find trading stations in the mountains (as far as I know).

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