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Scrap Mechanic - How to Make a SR Latch

Created by karatekid38   ::   Mar 20, 2020    

This guide will show how to make SR Latch step-by-step.

Guide to Making a SR Latch

Step One

Place 3 logic gates like this.

Step Two

Then set the left and the right ones to a NOR gate, press E to do this. Leave the bottom one as and gate.

Step Three

Then connect the Left one to the right, The right one to the bottom, and the bottom one to the left one.

Then connect a button to the left one, and a bottone to the right one.

Step four

Now when you press the left button, it will turn on (the bottom one is the output). When you press the right button, the bottom one turns on.

Created by karatekid38.