Half-Life: Alyx – Ultimate Guide to Console Commands and Cheats

Half-Life: Alyx - Ultimate Guide to Console Commands and Cheats
Half-Life: Alyx - Ultimate Guide to Console Commands and Cheats

The most comprehensive guide available for Half Life Alyx commands and cheats. Not much is out there yet, but we have compiled all we could into this guide.

Console Commands and Cheats

How to Enable and Use the Console

To enable the Developer Console, you must add a line to the game’s Launch Options.

In your library, right-click Half Life Alyx to open the properties diologe. Click the [Set Launch Options…] box and add the following line of code:

  • -console -vconsole

Click [OK]

Now, once you restart the game, the console will be enabled. To open the console in-game, press the [~] key on your keyboard located just under the escape key. The console will appear on you desktop, so you will have to take off your VR headset to type in commands

Commands can be typed in the the bottom box labeled [Command:]

The first command you should enter is:

  • sv_cheats 1

This enables cheat commands like infinite ammo and god mode. However, as with other Half Life games, it will most likely disable achievements until you restart the game.

For any commands with a one or zero at the end, 1 means enabled and 0 means disabled.

Most Common Commands

  • sv_cheats 1 — Enables all cheat commands (will likely disable achievements until you restart).
  • god — Toggles invincibility.
  • vrfly_enabled 1 — Enables a mode to fly around with the keyboard, Completely disables head tracking. WASD to move and arrow keys to look.
  • sv_infinite_ammo 1 — Pull unlimited mags and shells out of your backpack.
  • sv_infinite_clips 1 — Bottomless mag. Guns will even fire with an empty mag.
  • impulse 101 — Gives you all the weapons plus 20 resin.
  • impulse 102 — Automatically unlocks all gun upgrades.
  • give item_hlvr_weapon_energygun — Spawns pistol.
  • give item_hlvr_weapon_rapidfire — Spawns SMG.
  • give item_hlvr_weapon_shotgun — Spawns shotgun.

Weapon Commands

  • sv_infinite_ammo 1 — Bottomless mag. Guns need no ammo or mags to fire.
  • sv_infinite_clips 1 — Grab unlimited mags and shells out of your backpack. Grabbed mags use no ammo from your inventory.
  • impulse 101 — Gives you all weapons, 30 pistol ammo, 30 smg ammo, 6 shotgun shells, 20 resin, gravity gloves, multi-tool, and skips the tutorial prompts.
  • impulse 102 — Automatically unlocks all gun upgrades.


  • give item_hlvr_weapon_energygun — Spawns pistol at your feet.
  • vr_energygun_ammo_per_clip — Amount of ammo in each pistol mag. Can go over too (default: 10).
  • vr_energygun_rof <Seconds> — Time between shots for the pistol. (default 0.175)
  • hlvr_energygun_grant_upgrade <Upgrade ID> — Grants Pistol upgrades.

  • 0 : Laser Sight
  • 1 : Reflex Sight
  • 2 : Bullet Hopper
  • 3 : Burst Fire

  • give item_hlvr_weapon_shotgun — Spawns shotgun at your feet.
  • hlvr_shotgun_give — Gives you the shotgun.
  • vr_shotgun_rof <Seconds> — Changes the time between shots in seconds for the shotgun. (default 0.5)
  • vr_energygun_handcannon_pellet_count <Number> — Number of shotgun pellets per shot.
  • hlvr_shotgun_grant_upgrade <Upgrade ID> — Grants shotgun upgrades.

  • 0 : AutoLoader
  • 1 : Grenade Launcher
  • 2 : Laser Sight
  • 3 : Quick Fire

  • give item_hlvr_weapon_rapidfire — Spawns SMG at your feet.
  • vr_rapidfire_ammo_per_capsule <Amount> — Amount of ammo in each smg mag. Going over the default will empty your backpack quicker (default: 30).
  • vr_rapidfire_rof <Seconds> — Time between shots for the smgl (default 0.10f).
  • hlvr_rapidfire_grant_upgrade <Upgrade ID> — Grants SMG upgrades.

  • 0 : Energy Ball (Unusable)
  • 1 : Tag Dart (Unusable)
  • 2 : Stun Grenade Clips (Unusable)
  • 3 : Exploding Bullets (Unusable)
  • 4 : Reflex Sight
  • 5 : Laser Sight

Tool Commands

  • give item_hlvr — Spawns the flashlight at your feet.
  • hlvr_give_flashlight — Gives you the flashlight and turns it on. (Will be an error model if you don’t have the gloves).

Gravity Gloves

  • vr_hand_pull_acceleration_max <Value> — The pull strength of the gloves (default 500).
  • vr_hand_pull_angle_far <Value> — When you flick your wrist, objects can be moved to the side with this setting. 0 means the object will always go straight towards you. 90 means you can send it to the side (this is for far away objects. Set between 0 and 90).
  • vr_hand_pull_angle_near <Value> — Same as above but for closer objects.
  • vr_hand_pull_angle_far_distance <Value> — The distance for an object to be considered far away.
  • vr_hand_pull_angle_near_distance <Value> — The distance for an object to be considered close.
  • vr_hand_pull_acceleration_debug 1 — Show the trajectory of pulled objects.

Player Commands

For any commands with a one or zero at the end, 1 means enabled and 0 means disabled.

  • god — Toggles invincibility.
  • buddha — You still take damage but can’t die (Jeff can still kill you).
  • vrfly_enabled 1 — Enables a mode to fly around with the keyboard, Completely disables head tracking. WASD to move and arrow keys to look.
  • vrfly_speed <number> — Changes the flying speed (default 60).

Player Speed Modifier

The commands to set the player speed have been set as “Developer Only” meaning they can not be changed through the console. They can be changed through the [Launch Options] in the same way the console is enabled. To change the player speed, add the following code to the [Launch Options]:

  • +hlvr_continuous_normal_speed 200 +hlvr_continuous_combat_speed 200

Make sure there’s a space between this new code and the old code that enabled the console. The default speed for both is 100.

Entity Commands

  • ent_text — Shows an overlay with the name, position, and more of the currently looked at entity.
  • en_text_clear — Removes the info overlay of the currently looked at entity.
  • sv_gravity <Amount> — Changes the gravity for the player, props, and entities. 0 = no gravity, ~500 = normal gravity.

Item List

  • give <Item Name> — Spawns an item of the given name at your feet.
  • item_hlvr_weapon_energygun — Spawns pistol.
  • item_hlvr_weapon_rapidfire — Spawns SMG.
  • item_hlvr_weapon_shotgun — Spawns shotgun.
  • item_hlvr_multitool — Spawns multitool.
  • item_hlvr — Spawns flashlight.
  • item_hlvr_clip_energygun — Pistol mag
  • item_hlvr_clip_rapidfire — Smg mag.
  • item_hlvr_clip_shotgun_multiple — 4x Shotgun ammo.
  • item_hlvr_grenade_frag — Combine grenade.
  • item_hlvr_grenade_xen — Xen grenade.
  • item_hlvr_crafting_currency_small — Single resin.
  • item_hlvr_crafting_currency_large — 5x Resin.
  • item_hlvr_health_station_vial — Bug vial for health station.
  • item_hlvr_prop_battery — Combine power cell.

NPC List

  • npc_create <EntityName> — Spawns an entity of the given type where you are looking.

List needs expansion

  • npc_zombie_blind — Zombie.
  • npc_barnacle — Fully working, but will spawn inside floors and ceilings.
  • npc_antlion
  • npc_headcrab — Normal headcrab.
  • npc_headcrab_armored — Armored headcrab.
  • npc_headcrab_black — Toxic headcrab.
  • npc_headcrab_fast — Lightning dog.
  • npc_headcrab_runner — Fast headcrab. Spawns, but has no AI or sounds.
  • npc_combine_s — White Combine with gas canister.
  • npc_manhack — Manhack.
  • npc_cscanner — Scanner camera. Has no model but still works.

Entity / Prop List

  • ent_create prop_physics {<model> <model/path>} — Spawns an entity of the given name.

Enemy Commands

  • barnacle_vr_damage_pull <number> – Changes the damage taken from baracles (default 5).

Graphics Commands

These are commands pertaining to graphics quality. Some people might find these useful to increase their game performance.

  • cl_showfps 1 — Shows an FPS Counter on the desktop.
  • r_drawskybox 0 — Disables the Skybox. Makes the sky black in most areas.
  • vr_enable_volume_fog 0 — Disables volumetric fog.
  • vr_enable_lights 0 — Disables live lights. (Such as the flashlight).

Developer Commands

Below are map names!

These commands are for loading maps and various dev tasks.

  • highest_chapter_unlocked <Number> — Unlocks all chapters up to a number. (Max 10).
  • map MapName — Used to load a map. Can also load maps from the SteamVR Workshop Tools.
  • startup — Alyx logo and main menu.
  • a1_intro_world — Game Start.
  • a1_intro_world_2
  • a2_drainage
  • a2_headcrabs_tunnel
  • a2_hideout
  • a2_pistol
  • a2_quarantine_entrance
  • a2_train_yard
  • a3_c17_processing_plant
  • a3_distillery
  • a3_hotel_interior_rooftop
  • a3_hotel_lobby_basement
  • a3_hotel_street
  • a3_hotel_underground_pit
  • a3_station_street
  • a4_c17_parking_garage
  • a4_c17_tanker_yard
  • a4_c17_water_tower
  • a4_c17_zoo
  • a5_vault — When you first enter the vault.
  • a5_ending — Right before Gman.
  • a2_drainagea2_drainage_skybox
  • a2_hideouta2_hideout_skybox
  • a2_pistola2_pistol_skybox
  • a2_quarantine_entrancea2_quarantine_entrance_skybox
  • a2_train_yarda2_train_yard_skybox
  • a3_c17_processing_plantskybox
  • a3_distillerya3_distillery_skybox
  • a3_hotel_streethotel_street_skybox
  • a3_hotel_streethotel_street_skybox_static
  • a4_c17_parking_garageskybox
  • a4_c17_tanker_yardskybox
  • a4_c17_water_towerskybox
  • a4_c17_zooskybox
  • a5_endingvoid_space
  • a5_vaultvault_skybox
  • error — Gets stuck endlessly loading.
  • a1_intro_worldcitadel_vista_screen — Potentially a backdrop for a TV screen?
  • a1_intro_worldcitadel_vista — Looks to be the same as above.
  • a5_endingvoid_space — The floating Zen island at the end, but with no planet or Gman.
  • nav_generate_no_restart 1 — Generates a navmesh so NPC’s can walk around a custom SteamVR Workshop Tools map.
  • load <Saveslot>/<Name> – Loads a certain save. Example: load S2/quick loads the quick save from the third save slot. (S0 = first slot, S1 = second slot).
  • splitscreen_mode <mode> — Enables a buggy but potentially hackable splitscreen mode. Modes are 0-4. (3 works best. 0 is normal).
  • vr_draw_hand 1 – Draws ghost hands that always stay where your controllers are. (Your normal in-game hands can be moved by handles or walls).

Fun Commands

These are some fun commands that don’t serve much purpose.

  • vr_shotgun_chamber_light_brightness 5000 — Entire Shotgun glows brightly when out of ammo.
  • vr_energygun_handcannon_pellet_count 250 — Massive shotgun blasts to kill anything in your path!
  • vr_energygun_rof 0.2 — Rapid fire laser gun (lag prone)!
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