Nowhere Prophet – How to Unlock Leaders and Convoys

Nowhere Prophet - How to Unlock Leaders and Convoys
Nowhere Prophet - How to Unlock Leaders and Convoys

A guide for unlocking the various classes and convoys in Nowhere Prophet.

Unlocking Classes and Convoys Guide


The Firebrand

  • Hint: None
  • Details: Unlocked by default.

The Echo

  • Hint: Prove the strength of your conviction and reach the palace of the Raj.
  • Details: The Ziggurat is one of the potential midway milestone locations together with Neru Khan, and Pit Nine. It is the Raj milestone. You will likely unlock it in your first playthrough.

The Banshee

  • Hint: Fulfill your purpose as the Echo in the depth of the Crypt.
  • Details: To unlock the Banshee, you have to beat the game as the Echo. Once you battle through the endgame battles of the Dreaming Gate and reached the Crypt core, you will face Kalraati. After defeating Kalraati, you will be presented with the choice of surrendering to the machine or keep fighting. Do not surrender to the machine, choose the fighting option and you will face Kalraati Broken. It is a tough fight. Once you defeat Kalraati Broken, you will be given the choice of either destroying the vault or merging with the machine. Choose merge with the machine. The choice afterwards doesn’t matter. Once you merge with the machine, the Banshee will unlock. Make sure you get the right choices otherwise you will have to start over again if you want to get it.

The Seer

  • Hint: Meet the hermit Shree Kha in his cave and get him to join you.
  • Details: To get the Seer, you have to encounter the secret location called the Hermit’s Sanctum. It will be marked on the map as a special marker once you discover it in your travels. Make sure you either sell all your luxury items (if you want batteries) or use them up before hand (if you are short on hope). Once you get to the sanctum, go to the village and choose to learn from them. Then enter the cave of Shree Kha, choose to confront him. The Seer will be unlocked from there.

The Spider

  • Hint: Leave a follower behind at the fallen star’s sibling.
  • Details: To get the Spider, you have to encounter a random event during your travels about a fallen star. You will then unlock a secret location on your map. Once you get there, choose the third/yellow option. A follower will automatically stay behind and you will unlock the Spider.

The Tower

  • Hint: Listen to the tales of the Grim Ribbon to find and convince this operator to join your side.
  • Details: As of yet unknown.

The Breaker

  • Hint: Make your way into an old bunker and find the hidden cavern within.
  • Details: As of yet unknown.

The Stalker

  • Hint: Befriend the reclusive children living near the strange domes filled with plants.
  • Details: As of yet unknown.


The Outcastes

  • Hint: None.
  • Details: Unlocks by default.

The Nomads

  • Hint: Reach an important milestone to prove your worth to this community of travelers.
  • Details: Reach Pit Nine, the Union milestone.

The Explorers

  • Hint: Hidden at a mighty gate in a daily challenge.
  • Details: Reach the Dreaming Gate in a daily challenge. You unlock the daily challenges after beating the game once.

The Horde

  • Hint: Hidden at a mighty gate in a daily challenge.
  • Details: Same as the Explorers above. You will unlock both of them at the same time.

The Swarm

  • Hint: Become part of the swarm and bring forth the reign of the machines
  • Details: Reach the core of the Crypt and fight Kalraati, after beating Kalraati, you will be prompted to either surrender to the machine or to keep going. Do not keep going! Surrender to the machine to unlock the Swarm.

The Traders

  • Hint: Ignore the temptations of the Crypt and rebuild your future on your own as the Banshee.
  • Details: Playing as the Banshee, reach the core of the Crypt and fight Kalraati. After beating Kalraati, do not choose to surrender, keep fighting on and beat Kalraati Broken. After beating Kalraati broken, you will be prompted with the option of either destroying the vault or become one with the vault. Choose to destroy the vault. The traders will unlock from there.

The Faithful

  • Hint: A fellowship dedicated to maintaining the metal murtis found on Soma. They may need your help.
  • Details: Unknown as of yet.

The Pioneers

  • Hint: Assist the rebel cell fighting against the Union’s oppressive leadership.
  • Details: You can do this together with the Nomads unlock. For this, you need at least either a Raj Guard or a Bandit unit in your convoy, a Union member is optional but I highly suggest having one. I highly suggest going for surrenders instead of kills should you encounter bandits/five finger union/Raj guards by hitting their leader until they have low health and wait for them to surrender so you can recruit them (should you have the appropriate points). First, get to Pit Nine. Once you get there, go to the crane, choose to go inside. Do not choose to just wander around since you will get warned to not wander around and miss out on the event. Once you get inside you have to either pass a luck check or have a Union member in your convoy. A Union member will pass the check 100% so it is highly desirable to have one. Once you are handed the job, fight the rebels. Weaken them until the leader is low on health. Wait for the dialogue box to pop up and ask them why they rebel. Do not try to make them surrender. You will instantly win the battle but immediately forced to fight another battle. After winning the second battle, you have to have either your bandit member teach the rebels how to sabotage or your Raj guard member to teach them tactics. The Pioneers will unlock from there.

The Forgotten

  • Hint: Forget more than you knew when you started.
  • Details: You have to forget 12 cards from your leader deck with focus. This means you have to stop by at least 2 teachers to buy focus from them. If you don’t want to forget your core skillset, you can always dismantle equipment to get a skill from them and wipe it with a focus.

The Wanderers

  • Hint: These wanders come together each day at Neru Khan.
  • Details: You have to beat the campaign at least once to unlock daily challenges. Reach Neru Khan once you are in daily challenges and you will unlock the Wanderers.
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  1. To unlock The Tower: On your travels you may meet a group of nasty starving sad people, you talk to them and they say not to go to Grim Ribbon, you ask them where their village is. You go to the yellow marker and will fight The Tower. Knock him down to low health (I don’t know threshold, I got him to 2) and end turn, he’ll surrender and offer you his batteries. Tell him you don’t want his batteries and that you are here to help. You will have to do something (I took a leader hit for 4, but there were other options that needed certain followers) to prove you are not lying. He will then offer to give you food or guards, I took neither, but I don’t think (completely guessing) that if you take a reward it will change the outcome. I think just convincing him you’re here to help is the trigger. Anyway, that’s the encounter. If you do it right you’ll unlock The Tower leader class.

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