Scrap Mechanic – How to Enable Mods in Survival Mode

Scrap Mechanic - How to Enable Mods in Survival Mode
Scrap Mechanic - How to Enable Mods in Survival Mode

Hello, I found way to enable mods in survival mode.


Way to Turn On Mods in Survival

This is method work perfect, but mod “ModPack” have bugs for this version (Outdated).

To enable mods, you need to a have save of survival, if u dont have it, just do it.

Then u need open folder C:UsersPC_NameAppDataRoamingAxolot GamesScrap MechanicUserUser_NameSaveSurvival and move your save file (*YourWorldName*.db) to C:UsersPC_NameAppDataRoamingAxolot GamesScrap MechanicUserUser_NameSave.

Now you can start game. In game menu press “Play” and open creative mode, and you see what u have your save in creative mode, then turn on any mod which you download, for my example “ModPack” by Durf.

You join from creative menu in to survival game, but with enabled mods, to use block or items – everything what you have in your mode, u need to make craft by editing game file “Scrap MechanicSurvivalCraftingRecipescraftbot.json”.

You need to have id`s of mods items. Also i already make crafts, but “ModPack” outdated and have some bugs.

You can download files, what i posted, and test.


  • ModPack (Google Drive]
  • Craftbot.json (Google Drive)

Move folder “Modpack” from archive to:

  • C:UsersPC_NameAppDataRoamingAxolot GamesScrap MechanicUserUser_NameMods

Then file Craftbot.json move to this folder and replace:

  • Scrap MechanicSurvivalCraftingRecipes 
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  1. I did this and tried to join a friend, AFTER returning the if true then to if g survival then and it will not let me join

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