Scrap Mechanic – Finding the Mechanics Station

Finding the Mechanics Station

Most people will not know what do do in the area of the crashed ship other than continue to farm and figure out how to get the ship up and running with power. This is not needed at all, and finding a place called the “Mechanics Station” will put you into the right direction for further advancing your survival ability and will lead you to make an effective first car that isn’t a pile of junk (literally) that can actually get you places and be used as a tool in the future.

Starting Off

Finding the station to some people is pretty hard depending on the world generation, however, if you follow the next steps, no matter what your world looks like you should be able to find the station. The first thing you want to do is check the time. It is important to have daylight so you can see where you are going, I would recommend doing this around 15 – 18 when it is almost night, and if you want a buffer, you can always start earlier, but that time will come in handy later. For this part I would recommend putting your “draw distance” in the graphics settings to high or very high.

Where to Go

Once you are set on food and you have a stack or more of every seed you can obtain and you have gotten all of the loot, you want to go down to the parking lot where it should be connected to a road. Once you reach that road you want to go to the right. The left should be an instant dead end. When you go right you want to keep following the road in the straight-most direction. If there are roads that branch off to the left or right, ignore them and keep going straight following the path. If the road suddenly ends, and it is possible to happen, keep walking in the general directing where the road stopped.

What to Look For

While walking you are going to want too look for a building that looks like an over-sized gas station. Usually you don’t see the main building first, and in most cases what you would want to look for is a giant glowing wrench that you could be able to see over treetops. If you are having a hard time finding the station, once it is night time you may have a better time seeing the glowing of the wrench, and having a very high draw distance will also help you see it from a far distance. The station will always be connected to a road that will in the future lead out to other important locations.

What To Do at the Station

Once you have found and arrived to the station, you will notice that there is a main garage and there is 3 tube looking building on the right. You want to start off by going to the building labeled with a number 3 on it. In order to get in, take your hammer out and hit the door in. Be careful as the door will spring back and can hit you causing you to be knocked out! That aside, in the back there should be a bunk bed, and I would recommend sleeping in the bottom bed as that will make that your spawn point, so in case you do die, you won’t be sen’t back to the crashed ship where you would have to walk back to your stuff. The next thing to do, is enter the room labeled as number 2. Make sure you are ready to fight with your hammer as there is a haybot waiting inside. You want to kill the haybot and in the back of the room there should be a battery looking thing. You want to pick up the battery buy holding right click and you want to then leave the building going into the main garage. once you walk into the main garage there should be what looks like a port on the right where you can fit the battery into. You hold the battery in your and and left click on the port, and it should bring power to the mechanics station. Once you have done that, behind you on the left side of the wall there should be a starting craft bot. You will need this to create basic resources but don’t use it to create vehicle parts just yet, as that craft bot is the exact same as the one that you would have used in the crashed ship to make a junk vehicle. Above the spot where you put the battery there should be 2 ramps that go up to an area, walk up the ramp the you should be able to press “E” on the desk looking thing. This is very important as this is where you will be able to create a Craft Bot that includes all of the advanced parts and blocks, a Refinery Bot to refine unrefined objects, such as Haybot spines, a Cook Bot to cook healing capable food, and a Dress Bot to get your mechanic out of their burnt and ragged clothing.

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