Raft – Animal Tips and Stuff

Tips for Animals and Stuff


Best for biofuel in the game + free water saturation.


Bird thing is good for health salve + free food.


Use them for recycler, like 3rd best value, and it’s good for making armor and backpacks.


3×3 boxes if your using sprinklers, 9 animals per box better if all of them are the same type.


You need a metric ton of batteries, if your using simple ones just loot islands, if your using advanced ones get titanium, and make sure to have the windmill, simple batteries and biofuel charger works good also tho.


Cover them up, or route them between pens, they look ugly as hell on your raft. you can route pipes through wood windows.


In early game, their really good food, assuming you have the advanced water purifier in the late game you can use wool to make trash cubes for titanium, and milk and eggs for the advanced biofuel reactor.

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