Raft – Infinite Equipment Durability

Raft - Infinite Equipment Durability
Raft - Infinite Equipment Durability

An exploit who allows you to obtain infinite durability on the Oxygen bottle and the Flippers.
I’ve personally used the gudie as long as I’ve played, and it still works fine without any problems.

How to Obtain Infinite Value (Step by Step)

Follow the pictures down below and the will be no problems whatsoever.

Step #1

  • Start with crafting the Oxygen bottle/Flippers.

Raft - Infinite Equipment Durability

Step #2

  • Whenever the Oxygen bottle or the Flippers are used or when the durability of the item has decreased, pull the item out of the equipment slot. 

Raft - Infinite Equipment Durability

Step #3

  • When you’ve pulled the item from the slot, the item will still be damaged. But don’t worry, Step 4 is going solve everything. 

Raft - Infinite Equipment Durability

Step #4

  • Then you put the item back into one of the equipment slots, and the item will now be restored to full health and in pristine condition. 

Raft - Infinite Equipment Durability

The pictures above is showing the Oxygen bottle, but it will work the same with the Flippers!

Note that this exploit will work endless amount of times, untill you forget to re-do it or whenever you lose your items upon death.

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