Raft – Building Raft on Single Foundation

Raft - Building Raft on Single Foundation
Raft - Building Raft on Single Foundation

Tired of looking for the shark when the raft is under attack? Build a raft with only one Foundation! Now you immediately know where the shark is!

Is It Possible?

Resounding yes.

Some items must be placed on Foundation. They are Collection Net, both Anchors, Paint Mill.

Collection Net will not be build, as the main idea is to concentrate all shark attacks to the one and only foundation. Having Collection Net may result in shark attacking those instead.

Stationary Anchor requires 4 squares. So you are forced to use Throwable Anchor. Luckily It is easy to craft.

Paint mill is not essential for survival. As and when needed, just place it on Foundation, then remove it when it’s done its work.

Remember to add Foundation Armour to the one and only Foundation. It greatly increases the durability. Check the curreny health once in a while. Repair any damage.

Example on how it is done:

Should It Be Done?

Not recommended for single reason: Lack of Collection Nets.

Collection nets are highly efficient tools for providing planks, leaves, plastic and barrels. Easily more efficient than a team of human players.

It is also the main source of plastic. During late game, plastic consumption greatly increases due to crafing of Flippers and Oxygen Bottles.

You will notice a serious plastic bottleneck if you don’t use Collection Net.

With Foundation Armour, the Foundation can survive 4 shark attacks. Even if you missed protecting it during an attack, it is not destroyed. As long as you often check its health and immediately repair, you can easily survive with just one Foundation.


Game progress will become real slow, with you busy manually grabbing items floating on the sea. Makes you appreciate the Collection Nets.

Not recommending this, unless you are purely doing it to experience something different.

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