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We’re dusting off after Gamescom and PAX, got lots feedback and players impressions and came up with the most important and repeated questions about Planetiles, hopefuly it gives you a better impression about our upcoming cozy city builder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Planetiles?

Planetiles is a relaxing, serene tile-based city builder about creating and nurturing natural habitats on remote planets in space. Players will need to build, evolve and protect structures and find a way for humanity to thrive in deep space.

What is the goal in Planetiles?

The main goal is to complete missions and earn points that put players on a global, public leaderboard. Other game mode focuses on a relaxed gameplay with the goal focused entirely on building cities and settlements – no points or missions required, just fun of putting little blocks and chunks together!

Are there puzzle elements in the game?

Yes, Planetiles bridges the gap between a tile-based puzzler and a city builder. We are avid fans of both genres and decided to pursue this idea, bonding the best elements of both worlds in a unique stellar setting.

What planet types are in the game?

There will be 3 different planet sizes that greatly affect the gameplay and its difficulty curve. For less experienced planet, the small size would be perfectly fine – for those seeking challenge, the large planet with a much bigger grid should be a perfect choice.

Any roguelike/roguelite elements in the game?

Yes, we plan to add roguelike mechanics and unlockables and will let our community know about the details shortly. This mode is a work-in-progress and we’re gathering players feedback to come up with something engaging and exciting.

How about a multiplayer mode?

Currently we do not plan on adding multiplayer mode or features and focus on single player entirely.

Is there a release date already?

Not yet, however we’re aiming at Q1 2024.

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