Raft – How to Fish

To help you fish as well as use bait and the trading post…

Crafting and Using the Fishing Rod

My First Fishing Rod:

To start out you need to craft the wooden fishing rod (WR) (requires 6 wood, and 8 rope).

My Second Fishing Rod:

Also known as the Metal fishing rod (MR) (requires 3 Scrap, 1 Bolt, and 8 Rope).

The metal fishing rod requires that you find a blueprint in the first place.

How to Fish:

After attaining the fishing rod (doesn’t matter which) you can begin fishing. Hold LMB to start the cast and let go when you see fit.

Once a fish has caught onto your rod, press LMB once in order to reel it in its as easy as that.

Fish Drop Rates:

Item Name – Drop Chance (WR / MR)

  • Scrap Mechanic Duck – 0.66% / 0.68%
  • Lucky Cat – 0.66% / 0.68%
  • Old Shoe – 1.63% / 1.70%
  • Candle Bottle – 1.63% / 1.70%
  • Raw Salmon – 3.29% / 10.20%
  • Raw Catfish – 3.29% / 10.20%
  • Raw Mackerel – 18.91% / 27.21%
  • Raw Tilapia – 18.91% / 27.21%
  • Raw Herring – 25.49% / 10.20%
  • Raw Pomfret – 25.49% / 10.20%

Using Bait and Selling Special Fish

To Start out, you’ll want to find the blueprint for the Recycler.

Using the Recycler you can make trash cubes from raw materials such as (Wood, Plastic, Scrap, Etc.)

Using the trash cubes, you can buy bait among other things at any of the trading posts, with doing this, you can increase your reputation with the trading post and buy more things.

Aside from that point, using the bait you just purchased hold RMB while your fishing rod is equipped and select the bait you want to put on your rod:

  • Tier 1 at the post gives you simple bait.
  • Tier 2 gives you advanced.
  • Tier 3 gives you expert bait.

After equipping your bait its as simple as a regular cast.

Drop rates aren’t known for special fish just yet for the baits one thing for sure is that glow shrimp will drop the most any special fish acquired cannot be cooked, but can be sold at the trading post for trade coins and higher reputation with them.

The better the bait, the better the fish, the better reputation and coins from the trading post.

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