Palworld – How to Transfer Co-Op World to Another Person

Complete Guide on How to Transfer Co-Op World to Another Person so They Can Host

Below are the steps I took to transfer co op worlds from hosts pc to another PC so we could have someone else be host.

Before I start I just want to say thank you to Jebwizoscar for making this:

Without this I wouldn’t have been able to do this.

  1. Start by having the old host send the new host the following files. Level.sav, LevelMeta.sav, LocalData.sav, WorldOptions.sav & everyones .sav file that is inside the Players folder.
  2. Once the new host has those files, they need to open the game create a new world & character, load into the new world once then close game after loading in.
  3. New host then needs to open the folder for the new world they made, once there transfer the Level.sav, LevelMeta.sav, LocalData.sav & WorldOptions.sav that the original host gave into that new world folder.
  4. Next we need to change the GUID of the character .sav files, so go to the in-browser savefile editor I linked above, upload the new hosts original save and change his GUID to this 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001. Look at the picture to see where the GUID is located in the file editor I have it boxed in red. (The picture is below) Once that’s changed hit the save button in the top left, then you are going to have to rename the actual file name from whatever his GUID was to 00000000000000000000000000000001. Now go back to the new world folder go into players folder and delete the 00000000000000000000000000000001.sav that is in there and drag in the save file that you just edited in the browser editor. Then have the new host go into the world (Don’t worry if it says the original host name/lvl when you look at the world on your list it’ll update once you’ve gone in the world once), once the new host is in just have them check their inventory & palbox to make sure it worked properly.
  5. Now that the new host is in the world with there save it’s time to do everyone else’s save. To get the original host’s save transferred we need to know his GUID so have them join the new host and create a character & load in, once in go ahead and have both old host and new host close game. New host then needs to go to the players folder in the world and copy the GUID on the .sav file that appears. Now go back to the savefile editor upload the old host’s original save, go to the same spot to change GUID we did in Step 4 and change it to whatever their new GUID is & make sure to add the dashes in between like this (00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001). Once that’s done save the file and rename it to his new GUID. Go back to the players folder now delete the new save that was created and drag in the file you just edited.
  6. Now for the other people’s save it’s much easier since their GUID doesn’t change at all. All you need to do is have them join the world under the new host, create character load in, once in everyone close game, new host then goes to the players folder and should see a .sav file with the same exact GUID as the one the player had in the old host world. Delete the new file and just drag in the players .sav into the folder. (Again no need to upload it to the savefile editor since the GUID does not change)
  7. Now onto the last thing which is map progress/what you have discovered on the map. From my test’s I found out that map progress is tied with the LocalData.sav file. So what every player needs to do individually on their ends is go to into the folder for the old host’s world and copy the LocalData.sav & entire backup folder over into the new host world folder that got created. (I have yet to test this with the new host since him and old host had very similar map progress they didn’t mind it) but don’t worry the old host can still do this step to get their map progress too. (I’m sure this step would also work for the new host if they do want their original map progress back)

Three things I want to note really quick about the Guilds, one is that if you look at the player list in the Guild you will see 2 of the new host’s name their but only one will show being online other offline. (This doesn’t really effect anything, me personally I just let the extra name stay).

Another thing is about the guild leader, I would personally recommend giving Guild leader to one of the players who has only joined via invite code only/whoever has the same GUID throughout the worlds, since apparently people have had trouble when the old host was guild leader and they transferred host’s it would apparently glitch out in some way or not allow some people access to the Guild/access to Guild chest etc.

Last thing is that when the old host joins the new host after getting their save transferred they won’t be in the Guild anymore but don’t worry they can just join back.

Last thing sometimes when you close out of the game after doing this steam will say something like cloud sync didn’t work or it asks you to resync, don’t worry just hit resync till it says that Steam cloud is updated.

My friends and I have been playing for about 2-3 days now under new host and none of us have had an actual problem with our saves.

Hope this helps anyone who has been trying to do this.


  1. my friend’s base (old host) is transferring to me (New host) and my base is now neither, is there a way to fix this?

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