Palworld – You’re Mining All Wrong

How to Mine Properly

Stop using Digtoise to mine. They’re slow and constantly have to stop to eat. Instead, get yourself an army of Anubi (plural?)

I threw in 6 Anubi and they cleared everything in mins. They’re super fast, don’t stop to eat every 5 seconds, clear nodes 10x’s faster than digtoise, and here’s the kicker. When they’re done, the clean up and run it all to your box.

I’m on xbox and am tired of going to my 2nd and 3rd bases just to find out they’ve done nothing. Now.. I just show up with my army of 10 artisan + serious Anubi and just clean house.

Just a how to: I used Chillet who had artisan and bread it with a Quivern who had Serious. Made over 20 eggs breeding looking for hatches with both. Wound up with 2 but plenty of hatches with one or the other.

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  1. I use menasting atm but i 100% agree i had 7 digtoise at my mining base and they practically did nothing compared to 2 menasting and 2 tombat

    only time i found digtoise good is when i have it in my party and i use its dig drill ability to mine

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