Palworld – How to Survive Hackers on Official Servers

My Advice on How to Survive Hackers on Official Servers

Berry farm isn’t gonna be viable at all.

Your palbox will be destroyed often by hackers along with everyone else’s on the server.

That might not seem so bad however any assigned pals are bye bye.

Your most viable combo are sheep and chickens for eggs.

Fried egg are quick to make and give 2 more nutrition than baked berries.

Eggs don’t need water don’t need anything to see so they are by far the most reliable.

Gotta cook however better than harder to get pals being deleted and chickens and sheep are easy to replace.

Next your base will also be frequently destroyed.

The solution is to focus more on character development, get base levels as you can however focus more on leveling exploring, catching more pals etc just have fun basically.

I’m only at 24 hours in on a official server this is my own experience on server 0078.

And it ain’t just that server it’s all servers.

The rumor is that because Palworld a threat to XYZ co that XYZ is trying to make Palworld look bad aka give it bad PR by making online not playable.

Also I’ll advise finding good spots to hide a base or helps until it doesn’t.

All and all keep at it don’t get mad don’t give hackers the reaction they want from you and keep trucking along.

I’ll also advise to not logout in your “house” when you come back it might be a hackers house and now you are stuck pass code locked inside.

Instead logout in some water to be safe somewhere foundation can’t be placed.

Also hackers apparently are stealing pals from pal box I haven’t been affected however others have mentioned this.

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