Dominions 6 – Beginners Tips

Tips for New Players

  • For singleplayer I would recommend experimenting with spells which can be cast by your main battlemage, which is basically whatever the most expensive mage you can recruit in any fort (not just your capital) is.
  • Look at units (your own and those of your enemies/indie provinces) – get familiar with what those stats mean. Get familiar with traits. And get familiar with what weapons and armour do.
  • Learn the basic things in what counters what on a unit level.
  • Experiment with formations and army scripts to see what does what and in which way you can manipulate battles by just doing those things.
  • Hire mages every turn for research.
  • After getting familiar with units and basic battle mechanics – try dipping into magic (by doing the same as with units and how to counter things).
  • Don’t overextend but clear the provinces that are connected to your capital – and around any fort you want to build as you will pull income and resources exclusively from those provinces.
  • Use your gold. Don’t save it up. Try to spend all of it each turn, unless you are actively saving for things like putting down a few forts.
  • Use your gems. Saving up a small gem stockpile is better than saving gold, but you should still try to use them. Give them to mages for battle, make items with them, do some rituals that sounds interesting/fun.
  • Just try out different things in the game and remember what works and what doesn’t.
  • Don’t try communions until you have got a handle on magic and the fatigue system.
  • And most importantly: Have fun.
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