Star Trucker – Demo Official FAQ

We know that you’re having questions about the demo, so here is their response to some of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Freezing to Death

The most likely cause seems to be the Universal Control Circuit (UCC) for the cabs Climate Regulator giving out before players have been taught about temperature.

We will tweak the balance of this in a future update but for now be sure to regularly check the system diagnostic screen on the cab monitor for any issues and address them when required.

If you need a bit more time to work things out, grab your space suit. That should give you a few moments of grace to work things out and solve issues.

Be careful though! If you try to change a UCC while the system is still online you’ll trip the whole truck and damage other systems. If in doubt switch the system off from the circuit breaker before swapping out components.

Gravity Woes

We’ve noticed some players struggle to fix their Gravity Compensator once it goes offline. As fun as zero-g is, it can play havoc with your trade items and essential components so we’ll make sure we convey how to address this issue a little better in the full game.

For now it’s worth noting that both the Power Cell and UCC for the Gravity Compensator can be found under the stairs on the lower floor or your cab.

Pro tip: While docked to a station you won’t lose power. This is a good time to change any power cells running low and to generally make sure your systems are in tip top condition before your next journey.

Game Crashes

Some players have been experiencing crashes at different moments of the game. We are currently investigating these crashes but many of these are tough to reproduce so any additional info you can provide would be appreciated and should help us track down issues faster.

Crash Crashes

Turns out crashing your truck REAL bad can result in the entire game crashing. It takes some doing to get such a fender bender but you’ll be glad to know that this issue has already been addressed and should be fixed in the next update.

Black Screen Of Ultimate Loading

This seems pretty rare but some players end up on a black (loading) screen when starting the game for the first time. This looks like the game has crashed so the player understandably quits out.

We’re not entirely sure why this happens but we have noticed this long load sometimes resolves itself and the problem is no longer seen on subsequent start ups!? However this can take upwards of 5 minutes or so. Eeep!

If you’re seeing this we apologise for the inconvenience it’s causing. We’ll continue to look into the problem but in the meantime if you could provide your machine specs if you’re seeing the issue it might help us narrow things down.

Bay Hogger

You may notice that sometimes cargo is already present when approaching a drop-off bay. In some cases this is by design but it seems that some trailers are a little eager to prevent your delivery! This is a known issue and is currently being investigated.

Locked and Limbo Features

Various features have been locked away in this demo. Most shops and garages are unavailable and you will never be called in for a weight check.

Hull shielding is also offline and some features such as the shutters have little use in the demo.

Lots of these systems will be introduced properly in the full game and we look forward to seeing players interact with these extra elements!


This demo has been balanced to give a taste of various issues that can occur during your day to day deliveries. This means that some elements wear a little faster than usual.

As with any game of this kind we will continue to tweak and refine the game balance and economy until launch and beyond!

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