Nightingale – How to Find Coal / Gunpowder

How to Get Coal / Gunpowder

Option #1:

Fae Portals. Every map has a fae portal somewhere, clustered with a few other events, usually in a cave. (Reveal map POIs by completing the realm’s fae tower.)

There is always at least one coal and one sulfur node in the portal area, and then, when you enter the mini-vault that the portal will take you to, you can find more coal by smashing barrels.

Option #2:

Vaults. Once you reach the watch and can enter the public vaults, you can smash the barrels there for coal as well.

Option #3:

Bombardiers. Bound bombardiers drop gunpowder. Find a tone puzzle and get it wrong, to see if that puzzle will spawn bombardiers. If it does, you can fail that puzzle as many times as you like to get repeated spawns.

You can even play a Blood Moon card to get more gunpowder drops in that realm if you like.

I’ve also had an easy time locating coal by cave diving in the forest abeyance realms. The caves typically spawn in cliff faces towards the end of the map / facing the ocean. they can be mildly frustrating to access because of the ocean + rocks, but you can easily hit 5ish caves and get a decent bit of coal just running along the coastline.

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