Nightingale – Early Access Launch FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Early Access Launch

When will Nightingale launch?

Nightingale will launch into Early Access on February 20, 2024. Two days earlier than our originally announced February 22nd date!

How much will Nightingale cost?

Nightingale will launch at $29.99 USD.

Is Nightingale single-player or multiplayer?

You can play Nightingale solo or with up to 5 additional players in a single party (for a total of 6 in a Realm).

What platforms is Nightingale on?

Nightingale is currently PC only.

Is Nightingale played in first person only?

Nightingale started off in first-person only mode and that continues to be the default mode of the game, but based on significant community feedback we began working on a third-person mode in 2022 and officially added it to the game in June 2023. Third-person mode should largely be functional at launch but may experience a few more visual bugs than first-person.

Will Nightingale work on Steamdeck?

We are currently working on Steam Deck compatibility and hope to provide an update ahead of Early Access launch or soon after.

Does Nightingale require an internet connection?

Yes. Nightingale requires a constant internet connection to keep players linked to the Realms. Our vision for Nightingale is to create a unique shared-world “Realmscape” with players being able to seamlessly travel between Realms solo or together.

Is Nightingale’s progression character or server-based?

Nightingale allows players to progress through quests and challenges at their own pace. Main progression is character-based, so asynchronous co-op multiplayer won’t leave other players missing mainline content.

What are Realm Cards?

Realm Cards are the main way Realmwalkers open the portal network. Players will be able to craft them based on materials they find in the environment and will be able to affect several things in the Realm they travel to.

Will I be able to play Nightingale with a controller?

We will have partial controller support at launch. Some menu and in-game actions may need a keyboard and mouse.

Does Nightingale support key rebinding?

The vast majority of in-game options will have single-key remapping available.

Will there be dedicated servers?

We will have official dedicated servers as part of the game offering, but we will not have the typical private server support for the initial Early Access launch. We talk more about it here:

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