Nightingale – Steam Deck Settings Guide

Optimized Settings and Steam Deck Performance Guide

This is far from definitive, but I’ve done some testing and aside from a few spikes, during normal play, this should hold 30 FPS somewhat steadily.

Do not ever touch Lumen – GI or Effects! I have found that I’m unable to change those settings either up or down without hard crashing the Steam Deck.

If you need to adjust them, adjust them on the main menu to avoid a crash. When I adjusted the rest of the settings, I did so during actual play so that I could tell others what not to touch.


  • Lumen – GI – Performance (will crash Steam Deck if changed)
  • Anti-Aliasing – Quality
  • Effects – Performance (will crash Steam Deck if changed)
  • Foliage – Ultra Quality
  • Post Processing – Quality
  • Shading – Quality – Ultra Quality
  • Shadows – Quality (raising any further will result in worse performance)
  • Textures – Ultra Quality
  • View Distance – Quality
  • Enable Vertical Sync – Yes
  • Frane Rate Limit – 30
  • Performance Boost: Temporal Super Resolution – Ultra Performance – Performance (will heavily impact framerate to increase)

With some preliminary testing, these settings will hold 30 FPS with dips during weather and a quick dip when opening a menu.

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