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This post serves as a handy reference guide for anyone with questions about Pacific Drive, and hopefully gives you the answers you’re looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the game come out?

Pacific Drive will be released for all announced digital platforms on February 22nd, 2024.

Where can I play the game?

You’ll find us on PlayStation 5, Steam, and the Epic Games Store – there’s also a physical Deluxe edition available for pre-order at most major retailers.

When can I pre-order the game and where?

You can pre-order the game right now! We’re on PlayStation 5, Steam, and the Epic Games Store.

There are three editions available – the standard version of the game for a retail recommended prices of $29.99 USD, the Digital Deluxe edition for $34.99 USD, and a physical Deluxe Edition for $39.99 USD exclusive to PS5.

What’s included in the digital Deluxe edition?

The digital deluxe edition is available for the game on PS5, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. It includes the “We Have Liftoff” Cosmetics DLC. All add-ons and DLC content remain the same between PC and Console versions. You can view them on the PlayStation Store or on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

What is the “We Have Liftoff DLC” that appears on Steam and PS Store?

In the event that you’ve purchased the base game and would like to get the Deluxe edition cosmetics later on down the road, this DLC is a standalone addition that includes these cosmetics. View it’s store page for more exact information.

Is there an official soundtrack? Where can I listen to the songs I hear on the radio?

The Pacific Drive Soundtrack will be available to purchase via Steam from the store page.

Why is the game discounted 10%?

As an extra benefit for people who pre-order the game, you’ll get a 10% discount on the digital versions of the game (Base or Deluxe) – get the game for this price while you can, because the discount will expire after launch week.

When does the physical Deluxe edition of the game come out?

Our PS5 Deluxe Edition copies are available for pre-order from most major retailers right now – they are estimated to ship on April 9th, 2024.

Will the game be available in Early Access? Is it possible to play the game early?

We have no plans to release as an Early Access title. We’re going to be releasing the full, completed game on launch as version 1.0. Pre-ordering will not get you advance access to the game.

Are you going to make a VR version of the game?

We do not currently have any plans to bring the game to VR platforms.

Additionally, Ironwood is currently a small but dedicated team, and we do not have the bandwidth to support any virtual reality mods like UEVR or similar.

Will Pacific Drive support mods on PC?

At launch, the game will not support mods. We understand the importance of mods and several of our team members started their gamedev journey in the modding scene. It’s a subject we’re evaluating thoroughly – but we have nothing to announce at this time.

Are there any plans for MacOS or Linux support?

We aren’t planning on supporting MacOS or Linux at this time.

Is there ultrawide display support for the game? 21:9 or 32:9?

Ultrawide monitors are not currently supported natively, but we are researching solutions.

Is a demo/beta coming out?

Pacific Drive will be participating in Steam Next Fest 2024, February 5th through 12th! Check out the free demo available now on Steam.

If you are a creator and would like to apply for launch, the link to the key request is featured at the bottom of this FAQ. If we have anything to share publicly, we’ll make an announcement!

What controllers are compatible with Pacific Drive?

The game supports the PlayStation 5 DualSense and Microsoft Xbox controllers and by using Steam’s built in controller support it may be possible to use other third party controllers.

Are you supporting the full suite of DualSense features on PC?

Yes – The advanced haptics on DualSense (PS5) controllers are extremely cool and a benefit of developing for PC and the PS5 at the same time means we can use them on PC as well.

Is there driving wheel support?

Not currently. We’ve been exploring it as a possibility but don’t have anything to announce yet.

Will the game be supported on Steam Deck?

As a smaller team, we have a few areas of focus we need to stick with right now. We’d like to evaluate the Steam Deck at some point, but we don’t currently have anything planned.

How long is the game?

Pacific Drive is structured in a way that allows you to explore and try to survive in the Zone for as long as you can, providing an avenue for you to complete the game at your own pace. The main narrative-related levels will take approximately 15-20 hours to complete, but if you’re aiming for 100% completion of the game it could easily be above 40 hours.

Is the game First Person only?

Yes, the game takes place entirely in the first-person POV. We’ve developed Pacific Drive to be first person only as it is core to our mechanics and experience. That being said, we are being attentive to nausea triggers & feedback as we work and are making sure to include various accessibility options for assistance there.

Why are there no weapons, or guns? A roof mounted rocket launcher would be cool.

What’s a weapon, really? Are there things in the game that you could consider a weapon? Sure, but this isn’t a combat focused game. There’s no guns or knives or anything like that. You craft various tools that help you survive in the zone and keep your car running, and while you’re not going to use these tools to pick a fight, there’s opportunities to get creative with how you use them to protect yourself and your car.

What kind of accessibility options are available for players that need them?

There are many options for Motion Sensitivity, as this is a driving game and some players could become nauseous. These include but are not limited to: tumble hiding, camera bob, in/out of car transition, driver’s camera re-centering, in car assistive camera, and more.

There are also options for Visuals, including: Color modes, brighter nights, rain and fog intensity, loot and container highlighting, object outline brightness, and more.

Additionally, there are many gameplay difficulty settings that allow you to configure elements of your gameplay experience how you want them to be.

Closed captions for dialogue are also provided.

Are there any plans for Multiplayer?

We’re focused on building the best single-player experience that we can. We definitely see how this would be fun with more passengers, but we have no plans for multiplayer or co-op.

Are Cloud Saves available for the game?

Yes, you’ll be able to use both PlayStation Plus Cloud Saving feature and Steam’s Cloud Saves depending on your platform.

Does Pacific Drive have Achievements or Trophies?

Yes, you’ll have the opportunity to earn Steam Achievements and PlayStation Trophies for your accomplishments in game. Some are story related, and others are gameplay focused.

What languages are available for the game? Will there be more localization in the future?

Pacific Drive is localized into 8 languages – French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese text. All voice acting is in English, but subtitles are available. If we have any additional updates to localization, we’ll let you know in an update.

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