Project Zomboid – Some Tips for New and Advanced Players

By incorporating these tips into your gameplay, you can better navigate the challenges of power and water shutdowns in Project Zomboid while striving for survival in this game.

All Players Tips

Tips for New Players

Start Slow

Take your time to learn the mechanics of the game. Rushing into dangerous situations can lead to quick deaths.

Scavenge Wisely

Search houses and buildings for supplies like food, water, weapons, and medical supplies. But be cautious of zombies lurking inside.

Secure Shelter

Find a safe place to establish your base. Fortify doors and windows to keep zombies out. Consider locations away from densely populated areas.

Learn Combat Basics

Practice melee combat with a variety of weapons like baseball bats and kitchen knives. Avoid firearms early on due to noise.

Manage Health

Pay attention to your character’s needs like hunger, thirst, and tiredness. Keep them fed, hydrated, and well-rested to maintain optimal health.

Stay Stealthy

Avoid unnecessary noise, as it attracts zombies. Sneak around when possible, and use stealth kills to take out zombies quietly.

Learn First Aid

Learn basic first aid skills to treat injuries and infections. Bandages, disinfectants, and painkillers are essential items to have.

Tips for Advanced Players

Farm and Forage

Start a garden to grow your own food and forage for berries and other edible plants. This reduces reliance on scavenging.

Experiment with Traps

Set up traps around your base to deter or kill zombies. Bear traps and noise traps can be effective when strategically placed.

Plan for Seasons

Prepare for seasonal changes, such as colder weather, by stockpiling warm clothing and finding alternative sources of heat.

Build Defenses

Construct barricades, fences, and traps to fortify your base further. Consider building multiple layers of defense to withstand larger zombie attacks.

Explore Beyond

Once you’ve mastered survival in your starting area, venture out to explore other towns and locations for rare loot and resources.

Vehicle Maintenance

If you find a vehicle, maintain it regularly by checking its condition and fuel level. Vehicles provide a quick means of transportation and can be used to run over zombies.

Join Multiplayer

Consider joining multiplayer servers to collaborate with other players. Working together can increase your chances of survival and open up new strategies.

Additional Tips for Power and Water Shutdown

Water Conservation

With water shutdowns, conserve water by collecting rainwater in containers or by finding alternative water sources like rivers or lakes. Use water sparingly for drinking and cooking.

Alternative Lighting

Stock up on candles, flashlights, and batteries for lighting when the power goes out. Consider using renewable light sources like solar-powered lanterns.

Preserve Perishables

Without power, refrigeration is unavailable. Consume perishable food items first and prioritize non-perishables. Consider smoking or drying meat for longer preservation.

Generator Usage

If you find a generator, use it strategically for powering essential appliances like fridges or medical equipment. However, generators produce noise that attracts zombies, so use them cautiously.


Learn to craft makeshift solutions for power and water needs. This may include crafting rain collectors, water purification tablets, or improvised power sources like solar panels.

Long-Term Planning

Plan for the long term by investing in sustainable solutions such as building rainwater collection systems or constructing a base near renewable resources like rivers or solar-rich areas.

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  1. Eating too much. Anything can be overindulged in to gain weight—even cabbages—by simply double clicking on them in the inventory. Though it’s helpful to know, this is most likely a bug. All you have to do is double click while growing an absurd amount of cabbages to gain weight while following a vegan diet. It can be helpful if you’re fishing and you catch a big pike that quickly exceeds your carrying capacity. Of course, it works with any type of food. As far as I know, there are no drawbacks to eating raw fish, though it would be amusing if you got a worm from them and became ravenous all the time.

  2. Tip: Unless you use the crafting menu extensively, my advice won’t make much sense. The crafting menu makes cooking “happy” meals much simpler because every berry—despite having the same name—is included in a long list. Foraging for berries and creating delicious berry salads is much simpler when you double-click each berry based on its color and shape and avoid adding duplicates. Each file contains a single poisonous berry that changes every time, but it always remains the same in that world, so if you die and create a new character, you should remember what the poisonous berry looked like. Mushrooms also function in the same way. Making several meals quickly without sacrificing quality is possible when you use the craft menu.

    I created a character with a voracious appetite, so I had to learn all of this. He needed to eat all the time. I wanted him to eat a lot, even from vegetables, so that his weight would return to normal.

  3. It turns out that you can actually sleep in your car while thousands of zombies try to kill you if you’re a soldier and have become desensitized to them.

    Quite cozy in contrast to the conflict.

  4. The protein tip is crucial—many people overlook it—but in order to receive the 1.5x bonus, your protein must fall inside a specific window. If you have too little, you receive 70%; above that, there are windows of 100%, 150%, and 100% once more. Unfortunately, protein is never listed by any of the mods that display calorie/nutrient bars, making tracking extremely difficult.

  5. To the best of my knowledge, a generator is the only object that can be placed in a seat that is heavier than its maximum weight capacity. makes looting a gen easier than holding it in your lap.

  6. Now that I think about it, socks are also helpful because, in addition to clothing, they keep your feet warmer for a longer period of time.

  7. In a similar vein, when you play as a male character, razors are used to change or shave your facial hair. Or if you want to shave your head, I think.

  8. In actuality, belts are not useless. You lose some slots to attach weapons and other items to your body, and you can’t wear pants without belts, so it’s generally not a big deal unless you’re using mods.

  9. I would suggest a last section called “The Cure,” which tells players where to find common household bleach, our dear former president’s go-to antiviral, and how to use this amazing remedy to ingest it to cure their zombie infection.

  10. Perhaps things like smoking don’t go away, but phobias and zombie fear do. You know, nonsensical things…

  11. So, how does the Key Ring assist us? My shed is locked, and I started out in a house. I thought my key ring would open it, but I’m not sure how it works or it doesn’t. Could you please confirm? Are Key Rings genuinely useful?

    • Key rings are a convenient way to carry around key containers. In certain game mods, the key to the house you spawned in will already be on your key ring when you start a new game; if not, it will be empty. I believe you can add any key you find—for a door or car—as long as it isn’t already full.

  12. I don’t recommended Sunday Driver to new players because the car’s low horsepower could kill you if it stays in the grass and there are zombies nearby. It’s going to be riskier and slower.

  13. Unless you are playing on a server you know has very fast reading, being illiterate can be advantageous for MP due to the slow reading speed of books.

  14. One fascinating thing about cars is that if you leave your trunk open and start shoving objects out of the back of your car, it will reduce the capacity of the trunk and occasionally even drop objects. In addition, if a zombie approaches too closely, a broken or open window on the side of the vehicle you’re in could prove to be fatal. On the other hand, you can actually attack out of an open car window. You can definitely carry out a drive-by shooting on the elementary school (IN GAME!), though I can’t recall if you can melee.

    • And be careful for doors. There’s no visual indication if its open. If you cancel the door closing by doing another action, it will not close the door. The only way to currently know in vanilla is waiting for the door shutting noise. The only way to close the door if it’s open is to exit and reenter the car.

  15. I have an extremely helpful tip that will help you deal with hordes without using a lot of supplies. Create a bonfire and have zombies saunter around it. When a zombie catches fire, it will spread to other zombies and combustible materials. For this tactic, it’s best to remain on the streets.

  16. Driving backwards while spinning is something I advise when operating a car. You essentially circle around, annihilating anything that comes near your flamboyant death wagon.

    • Don’t do that; you’ll be shocked at how quickly you ruin (possibly) your only car. Cars have mechanics with parts you can remove and add. Good luck replacing those parts—you probably don’t have any experience with mechanics—but if you have a burglar, it shouldn’t be an issue as long as you don’t use every car in the neighborhood or as a molotov cocktail, which can demolish entire buildings if used carelessly. but just stay on the roads; passing through a parking lot full of cars is fine because it can’t burn cars.
      You can make these with bourbon and a torn sheet, or you can use a glass bottle with gas (or an empty glass bottle with a gas can) and a torn sheet as well. To use the latter, you’ll also need a lighter in your secondary. Alternatively, you can create a combat build and use any weapon you choose to destroy every zombie in your path—though an axe works best. I hope this helped with the guide, and let me just say that guns are overrated.

  17. -If you have a high thirst trait, bleach bottles hold more liquid than water bottles; water dispensers hold a lot of water.

    -You can use the right mouse button to speed up time over long distances and automatically navigate through forests, avoiding damage and trees.

    -You can fight groups of three or more zombies more easily by standing on them to keep them from rising.

    It’s preferable to use two televisions if you have skill-based VHS tapes.

    -Some traits and professions provide skill boosts that last for all levels. For instance, a hunter’s skills are permanently enhanced in aiming, short blade, and sneaking.

    -To make battle easier, open the menu, select Settings, and then choose to highlight enemies in combat to give you an advantage when they’re nearby and to determine how many will be hit.

  18. pro tip: pin left stash tab ,so you can always see something usefull in containers, zombies or on the ground.

    • You must locate a generator and gather water and gas in reserve. If you can’t run the generator continuously to run the sinks, water is useful.

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