Project Zomboid – TOP 50 Best Mods

In this guide, there are mods that will make the game more fun and hardcore.

How to Install Mods

To install mods, you need two steps, have a licensed copy of the game in Steam and subscribe to the mod and then activate it in the game.

TOP 50 Mods

Mod #1 (245-Trioxin)

  • The first mod and today is 245-trioxin. In this mod, all the zombies you kill are resurrected and the only way to kill them is to burn them.

Mod #2 (Crematorium)

  • This mod is the opposite of the previous one, because with it you can easily burn the bodies of zombies.

Mod #3 (Zombie Camouflage)

  • With this mod, you can get smeared and runny from your mouth, all you need is a zombie corpse and you find yourself in the walking dead movie.

Mod #4 (Bone Mod)

  • In this mod, you collect bones from zombie corpses and make tools out of them.

Mod #5 (Pripyat 2.Ob)

  • In this mod, you will be able to see five-story sockets and telephone booths (but it’s better not to go there).

Mod #6 (Toxic Fog)

  • In this modification, green fog is often released in the city, which takes away your health and imposes the effect of nausea, this gas can be waited out in a building where the windows are closed and there are no holes.

Mod #7 (Torch)

  • Do you not know your native language?

Mod #8 (Super Bulldozer)

  • This mod adds a super bulldozer because it is fast driving problems with a U-turn pushes cars but but BUT garbage barrels kill it.

Mod #9 (Deadecruise)

  • But this friend adds a new map where you need to survive on the island, but you will spawn in the cabin of a cruise ship.

Mod #10 (Antiviral Medicine)

  • This mod allows you to extend the life or even cure the zombie virus.

Mod #11 (Algol Syringes II – Stims)

  • This mod adds 3 stimulants, Epinephrine improves stamina and relieves pain, Hemostatic slows blood loss, and improved regeneration is due to Propital.

Mod #12 (Better Towing)

  • This mod allows you to push cars manually.

Mod #13 (Vehicle Recycling)

  • With this mod you can dismantle cars for scrap.

Mod #14 (Containers)

  • This handsome man adds containers and tanks to the roads and parking lots, and with a high level of towing, they can be moved.

Mod #15 (’67 Cadillac Gage Commando)

  • This mod can help in the transportation of containers and cars if you install the 2nd mod listed above, this mod adds armored personnel carriers and tanks in which there is a large capacity, you can not be afraid of zombies in this transport.

Mod #16 (Silent Hill)

  • This mod adds a new map and city “Silent Hill”.

Mod #17 (Infinite Weather)

  • This mod goes back to the past because in this mod you can have endless weather such as fog.

Mod #18 (Thermos of Coffe)

  • This mod allows you to make a thermos in which you can pour coffee and it will be better than in a mug.

Mod #19 (Eggon’s Modding Utils)

  • This mod allows you to find a thermos on the map, everything you need to install a mod on a thermos…

Mod #20 (Open Canned Food with Knives and Stone)

  • This mod allows you to open canned food without a can opener, exactly as you see in the picture.

Mod #21 (Over the River)

  • This mod adds a new city that can only be reached through a broken bridge.

Mod #22 (AoM Zed Animation)

  • This mod allows zombies to violently shake their heads.

Mod #23 (Afraid Of Monsters Zombies)

  • This mod makes all the zombies very cute, so much so that they fit in with the previous mod.

Mod #24 (Trading Technology EN)

  • This mod allows you to use money and sell jewelry.

Mod #25 (Water Dispenser)

  • And for the anniversary, I’ll tell you about a fashion where you can twist the tank from the cooler, you can put 250 units of any liquid in it.

Mod #26 (FuelAPI)

  • This mod will help the previous one to collect gasoline in the cooler and also in metal barrels.

Mod #27 (Danger Zone (Holy Ground)

  • Danger zone mods, yes there are a lot of them, but it was this one that became interesting to me, because all the zombies stepping on the territory of the church instantly burn out.

Mod #28 (R——P——G——!!!)

  • This mod adds, AH you yourself see everything this rpg it makes BOOM!

Mod #29 (Air Horn)

  • Beeeeep!

Mod #30 (Change Sandbox Options)

  • This mod allows you to change the settings at any time, but you must then exit the game.

Mod #31 (Spear Traps)

  • This mod allows you to dig a grave and fill it with spikes.

Mod #32 (Pillow’s Random Scenarios)

  • This mod adds new scenarios to the game.

Mod #33 (Surviving Trough Seasons)

  • This mod allows you to change the season in the game.

Mod #33 (Military and Police Used Car Skins)

  • This mod adds police and military equipment.

Mod #34 (GK’s Realistic Professions)

  • This mod is my favorite because it turns the veteran profession into a monster, but also improves other professions.

Mod #35 (SWAT & Riot Pack)

  • This mod adds new armor, weapons and shields.

Mod #36 (Armored Vests)

  • This mod adds body armor, balaclavas and more.

Mod #37 (Fort Redstone)

  • This mod adds a map with a military fort “red stone”.

Mod #38 ( DIY Vehicle Parts!)

  • With this mod you can create machine parts.

Mod #39 (Biker Start Scenario)

  • In this mod, motorcycles will be added to the game.

Mod #40 (AQ-Team Spare Wheel)

  • This mod adds studded wheels.

Mod #41 (Better Helicopter)

  • This mod adds a helicopter and allows them to be controlled.

Mod #42 (Superb Survivors!)

  • This mod adds other survivors who can help you on the farm and also on outings.

Mod #43 (Kingsmouth in KY)

  • This mod adds Kingsmouth Island to the main map of the game, making it possible to escape from it.

Mod #44 (Visible Generators and Corpses)

  • This mod allows you to see corpses and generators by picking them up from the floor.

Mod #45 (Shark and Cytt’s Kentucky Car Overhaul)

  • In this mod, all cars are similar to those that were in the state of “Kentucky” in the 80s, the cars have animations, for example, an open trunk.

Mod #46 (Improvised Glass)

  • In this mod you can smelt and create glass.

Mod #47 (Draw the Map)

  • In this mod, you can draw on the map, which will make it easier to mark most places.

Mod #48 (Sleeping Bags)

  • This mod adds sleeping bags to the game.

Mod #49 (True Actions. Act 2 – Lying [for MP Disable Anti-Cheat Type 12])

  • This mod adds character animation (when installing the mod, additional mods will be offered, they must be downloaded otherwise the mod will not work).

Mod #50 (Cool Bag)

  • This is the latest mod! this mod adds a portable refrigerator, it will be very useful when moving and cutting down electricity.
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