Amanda the Adventurer – How to Get All Endings and Secret Tapes

This guide is for those who want to get all FIVE endings in Amanda the Adventurer. I also will go over how to get the FIVE secret tapes to unlock the secret 5th ending.

Guide to Get All Endings and Secret Tapes

A Gruesome End

Start the game and watch the first tape titled “In the Kitchen”. In the tape, Amanda will tell you to preheat the oven to 425° and set the time to 40 minutes. After the tape finishes, put the apple in the pie tin, preheat the oven to 425°, and set the time to 40 minutes.

Doing so correctly will give you the tape “In Your Neighborhood”. In the tape, the three buildings (Corner Store, Bakery, and Post Office) have letters that are bold (these being C, B, and F). After finishing the tape, play the notes C, B, and F on the piano.

Doing so correctly will give you the tape “Oh No! Accidents!”. In the tape, three different clocks will be shown. Once when Amanda holds one up to the screen, once when the pair is at the doctor’s office, and one in the room where Wooly’s bones are examined. After the tape finishes, input the time into the different clocks. The small clock should be wound to 3:45 (small hand on 3, big hand on 9). The clock next to the back window should be wound to 6:20 (small hand on 6, big hand on 4).

And the digital clock should be set to 10:50 (in the tape it’s displayed as 22:50). When done correctly, all the clocks will change to the time 5:15. Go back to the bulletin board and take the grandfather clock’s missing hand (which is holding up a newspaper article). After putting the hand on the clock, set the grandfather clock to 5:15.

Doing so correctly will give you the tape “Everything Rots!”. Watch the tape and make it to the end. When Amanda asks you if everything rots, you are forced to say “yes”. Doing so will result in a creature coming out from the attic’s trapdoor and killing the player. Note that the grandfather clock will also give you the safe code. So on your second play-through, open the safe with the code “826”. You will receive a pause button for the TV and the other half of the paper on the bulletin board.

The other way to get this ending is by using the code “GUTS” on the toolbox next to the window. This will give you the tape “What’s a Family?”. Once you get to the end, if you choose not to help the lonely kitten, then the creature will come and kill you.

A Fateful End

After opening the safe (on your next play-through), put the pause button into the TV and put the other half of the paper on the bulletin board. Then watch “In the Kitchen”. After the answer “Knife” is used, a drawing on the fridge will tell you to pause and preheat the oven. Pause the tape and preheat the oven. Doing so will cause the oven in the tape to catch fire and Amanda and Wooly to panic. Now when the tape finishes, there will be a recipe for a meat pie next to the oven.

First, look for the flower pot with a moon symbol on it (it is on the shelf with the other pots) and place it under the dripping water to the right of the TV to grow it. Next, take the large mushroom from where you placed the pot. Finally, place the cheese on the mousetrap and take the mouse that is killed by it. Then place the pot (potato), mouse (meat), and the mushroom in the pie tin. As instructed on the paper, set the temp to 525° and the time to 50 minutes

Doing so will give you a slightly altered version of “In Your Neighborhood”. After finishing the tape, a coloring book will appear on the table. Keep choosing the store (the building with 24 on it), then the candy shop, then the butcher shop. Keep selecting the stores in the same order until you make it to the last page.

The page will tell you the toolbox code is GUTS and will also display a drawing of a doll’s head being cut off by scissors. Input GUTS into the toolbox and you will get the tape “What’s a Family?” Note you will also get the scissors, but you have to wait for your next play-through as the doll will have disappeared.

At the beginning of the tape, a thunder storm advisory will play. When this happens, pause the TV and pull the switch on the device on the table behind you. It will land on the cloud with lightning. The goal here is to get all three weather patterns down. After going to visit the chickens, get the question about the daddy chicken incorrect, and then pause the TV again when the tornado advisory appears. Pull the switch again and the arrow will land on the tornado.

Finally, choose either the snakes or the spiders (not the sheep) two times and pause on the flooding advisory. Spin the arrow one last time. After it lands on the final weather pattern, the front of the device will pop off and you will be given a slightly altered version of “Everything Rots!” To finish the “What’s a Family?” tape, say yes when Amanda ask if you will help the lonely kitten (saying no will result in the bad ending from before).

At the end of your new tape, Amanda will ask if you will help the kitten in the cage. You are forced to say “yes”. After doing so, click on the cage and the tape will end abruptly. Turn around and head for the attic’s trap door (which is now open and glowing white). The game ends with you becoming a piece of meat hanging on the wall in the butcher shop from the “In Your Neighborhood” tape.

A Hollow End

Start by opening the toolbox (GUTS). Get the scissors and cut the doll’s head off (she is sitting on the couch). This will give you batteries that you can then put into Blabbot (the robot in the attic). Watch and complete (or skip through) the “In the Kitchen” tape like normal. Play “In Your Neighborhood” and pause when the pair are in the Corner Store. Input the numbers on the back wall into Blabbot (150325).

After this, the tape will end abruptly with Amanda exclaiming how she doesn’t want to play anymore. After this happens, a cake will appear on the table behind you. Next to it is a birthday card with a code (081821) which can be inputted into Blabbot. He will tell you to preheat the oven to 325° and set the time for 30 minutes. Doing so correctly will cause the oven to open up with another card and a candle. Put the candle on the cake and then input the code from the second card into Blabbot.

Since there are two candles on the cake, you have to replace the missing number with 2 in each math problem. Doing the math correctly will get you 835161. Put this code into Blabbot and he will sing happy birthday using notes for the piano (C, C, D, C, F, E). Play these notes and you will get a third candle. After placing this candle on the cake, it will melt and low voices can be heard singing happy birthday. The melted cake will give you a slightly altered version of “Oh No! Accidents!”.

Play the tape through (there aren’t secrets in this one), and then play the tape located on the table called “Riley’s Fav Movies”. Amanda will tell you there is a treat on the trapdoor of the attic. Go there and you will find another tape called “Summer 1984”. In the tape, Amanda will ask “How many chairs? How many mushrooms? How many fruits? How many lights?” Now look throughout the attic and count how many chairs, mushrooms, fruits, and lights there are. Input this code into the large closet (2862).

In the closet will be a tape called “Home Movies”. The tape is just Amanda saying the code 401258. Then put this into Blabbot. Afterwards, take the bucket from inside the closet and fill it water to the right of the TV. Dump the water on Blabbot and his head will pop off, revealing a key. Use the key to open the chest at the back of the closet. Inside is the tape “We Can Share”. Amanda will ask if she can share a secret with you. Say “no”, and the tape will end. Then leave the attic via the trapdoor and the game will end.

The End

This ending is exactly the same as the last one. Follow the exact same steps. This time however, say “Yes” when Amanda asks if she can share her secret. This will cause the TV to become possessed. The protagonist will throw a brick at the TV and destroy it. The sun will come up, and the game will end. If you sit and don’t throw the brick, nothing will happen. The game will simply wait for you to throw it.

Secret Tapes

Tape #1:

Instead of using an apple, put the peach into the pie tin and you will get a secret tape. The peach can be found in the small alcove behind where the oven was originally.

Tape #2:

In the slightly altered version of “In Your Neighborhood” (after making the meat pie), pause when the pair are looking for cards. The back wall has musical notes which are F, A, C, A, D, and E. Play these notes on the piano and you will get a secret tape.

Tape #3:

On the right side of the window, look for a plant pot on the floor with a symbol that looks like a 21. Grow it with the dripping water, and then give it to the doll. She will ask you to turn around, and when you turn back, she will be holding a secret tape.

Tape #4:

In “What’s a Family?”, when Amanda asks what the daddy chicken is called, type in SAM (as in Sam Colton from the game). Pause the tape after Amanda asks where you got that name, and there should be a secret tape behind you.

Tape #5:

The final secret tape is in the “Oh No! Accidents!” tape. When Amanda asks “Who can help when you are hurt?”, type NOBODY. This will cause the secret tape to appear behind you.

The End?

This ending plays exactly like A Hollow End and The End. Follow the exact same steps and say “Yes” to Amanda when she asks to share her secret. Destroy the TV, and watch the sun come up. If all the secret tapes have been collected, then an extra scene showing a mysterious figure in a coat and hat will appear at the table in the attic.

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