The Talos Principle 2 – Hints for Gold Puzzles

Here you’ll find hints for the Gold Puzzles with no outright solutions.


This is a hint guide for the Gold Puzzles. There are no direct solutions offered here, for I wish to walk along the road with you, rather than walk it for you. I completed all of the puzzles myself without any guides, for what it’s worth, and the hints I wrote are all my own.

The layout is simple but I’ll explain it here in case there’s any confusion. Following the puzzle number and title, there’s a list of “Tools.” This shows all the tools that can be picked up and manipulated by hand. After “Tools,” the hints are in a numbered list.

This is meant to give some assistance going through the level and so should be in order of the tasks to be performed. I tried to not give direct instructions, or when direct instruction is unavoidable, to not give the method directly.


East 1: Jump Start

Tools: Connector, RGB Converter x2, Hexahedron, Fan

  1. Consider all different configurations of your RGB Coverters
  2. You have two RGB Connectors so you’ll have to get creative to get the right color light – only one should make green light…
  3. …and you’ll need that green light to go into the other RGB Converter to support the whole system
  4. To get the angle on the green receiver, you’ll need the Connector, but it’s necessary to “jump start” the system before using it for that purpose
  5. This one is a matter of tight angles
  6. The inner RGB Converter should be the one producing the green light

East 2: Lonely Heights

Tools: Driller, Fan, Hexahedron, Connector

  1. After gathering your tools, set the Hexahedron on the running Fan to get an idea how to solve this
  2. Ring-around-the-rosie until you get the door held open and all tools out
  3. The Connector need only make one final connection
  4. Set up the final connection then enable the fan

East 3: Non-Overlapping Magesteria

Tools: Connector, Inverter x2

  1. You need all three tools out so set up a system to maintain the the light needed without the tools wihtin
  2. The Inverter is a good tool which should change which light it’s producing as the steps proceed in this solution
  3. This one is pretty straightforward once you see what needs to be done


North 1: Vantage Point

Tools: Connector, Hexahedron

  1. Two receivers, one Connector
  2. You’ve got to get a man on the inside before opening the blue door
  3. Remember 1k can hold a button as well as a box
  4. Pass the Hexahedron back when you don’t require it anymore

North 2: Embodied Cognition

Tools: Connector, Accumulator

  1. You’ll have to take the Connector in, then take it out
  2. Now you have to deal with crossed connections; how can you get access to both light sources?
  3. You only need a moment to accumulate the light
  4. You’re standing in your own way

North 3: The Rearranger

Tools: Connector x2, Fan x2, Hexahedron x2, Inverter, Driller

  1. You don’t need to bother with the Driller in the early part of this puzzle
  2. Use the Driller from the inside once you have all your tools available
  3. Pass the key through the lock


South 1: Pillars of Ascension

Tools: Teleporter, Fan x2, Hexahedron

  1. You’ll need to take the tools to each successive platform
  2. The Hexahedron will block the light beams when on a button so to what other use can you put it?
  3. Remember that tools can stack on the Hexahedron
  4. The final fan is fixed and doesn’t need a Fan to plug into it

South 2: Outside the Box

Tools: Gravshifter, Hexahedron, Inverter

  1. The Gravshifter can let you through the blue barriers, one then the other
  2. However the Gravshifter is not as useful on the one side so how can you bring it over?
  3. The Gravshifter can’t act on itself directly but there is an indirect way

South 3: Thrust Vector

Tools: Connector x2

  1. Two Connectors, three connections needed, so at least one of these will have to pull double duty
  2. The “thrust” is the only way to influence the position of a Connector
  3. The lip bordering the movable platform lets you set it up so the platform moves back and forth but this isn’t the solution
  4. The blue receiver is the last one that needs to be enabled…
  5. …but you have to set it up before you move through the puzzle
  6. The first red receiver can’t be reached by the light except when a Connector is practically right on top of it


West 1: The Mule

Tools: Teleporter, Connector, Driller

  1. Use the Rail Drone in a way to gain access to the Driller
  2. The Teleporter plus Driller combo almost open up the whole level to you, but you need to get the Driller out
  3. Again the Rail Drone comes to the rescue; think about how the doors operate
  4. Leave the Connector next to the end goal, hooked up to be of use
  5. The Driller needs to hold open the blue light barrier
  6. Repeat the way you got in in the first place to finish the puzzle

West 2: Hollow

Tools: Activator x2, RGB Converter, Connector

  1. You’ll need to chain your Activators to open things up a bit
  2. The green Activator is needed to set things up
  3. Ultimately the green Activator is left on the item exchange
  4. The red Activator needs to move up to the next room so the red beam source can hold open the door
  5. The green receivers will both be powered directly from the RGB Converter

West 3: Windstream

Tools: Connector x2

  1. Since any connection activates the fan, you’ll need to be ‘inside’ before any are made
  2. The fan blows all tools, not just 1k
  3. Sometimes all you need is something to be in the way
  4. Set up the blue connection before heading past the fan
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