Hearts of Iron IV – Beginners Guide

Basic Guide for New Players

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Choose a Beginner-Friendly Nation

Select a nation with straightforward gameplay mechanics for your first playthrough. Nations like Germany, Italy, or the United States offer a good balance of complexity and simplicity.

Enable Tutorial: Hearts of Iron IV offers an in-game tutorial that covers basic gameplay mechanics. Enable it to familiarize yourself with the game’s interface and controls.

Basic Gameplay Mechanics

Understanding Resources: Pay attention to resources like manpower, civilian factories, military factories, and natural resources. These are vital for your nation’s economy and military production.

Research: Invest in technologies that improve your military, industry, and infrastructure. Prioritize technologies that enhance your military capabilities, such as weapons and equipment upgrades.

Production: Focus on building military factories to produce weapons, equipment, and vehicles for your army. Allocate resources wisely to ensure a steady supply of essential items.

Military Strategy

Division Templates: Customize your army divisions based on your strategic needs. Start with basic templates like infantry divisions and gradually experiment with more complex compositions.

Battle Planning: Utilize the battle planning system to coordinate large-scale offensives and defenses. Draw battle plans to guide your troops and exploit enemy weaknesses.

Supply Lines: Ensure that your troops have access to adequate supplies by maintaining efficient supply lines. Avoid overextending your forces and protect your supply routes from enemy interference.

Diplomacy and Politics

Form Alliances: Forge alliances with other nations to strengthen your position and deter potential aggressors. Consider joining factions or forming your own coalition to increase your diplomatic influence.

Manage Diplomatic Relations: Be mindful of your diplomatic actions and their consequences. Consider the long-term effects of your decisions and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Negotiate Treaties: Negotiate treaties, trade agreements, and military alliances to secure your nation’s interests and achieve your objectives.

Learning Resources

Watch Tutorials: Look for beginner-friendly tutorials and guides available online. Video tutorials and written guides can help you understand game mechanics and learn advanced strategies.

Practice: Don’t be discouraged by initial setbacks. Practice and experimentation are key to improving your skills in Hearts of Iron IV. Learn from your mistakes and strive to improve with each playthrough.

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