KeeperRL – Guide to EXP (Experience)

Best Way to Experience


  • Use wooden, iron and adamantium dummies to train in melee combat and all defense.
  • Use wooden, iron and gold bookcases to train in magic combat and improve spell cooldowns.
  • Use the archery targets to train ranged combat up to the creature’s maximum level. If possible, only allow one training position “open” per target, and keep the positions at least three squares apart; otherwise, trainees will waste time shuffling between shooting positions and not actually training.

Training Efficiency

  • Gold carpeting provides the best efficiency, by improving the “luxury” value of the room and thereby increasing trainees’ morale.
  • Stone flooring provides good efficiency, and is not flammable whereas carpet and wood both are.
  • Wooden flooring is cheap, but only adds 0.2 (out of 1) luxury, and is flammable as well.
  • Good lighting increases efficiency.
  • Monsters are unable to train to the highest levels without the better dummies and bookcases.

Killing an Enemy

Kill enemies to gain experience. Experience improves creatures’ abilities, up to their training capacity.

For example, an Evil Wizard Keeper can train to 12 in magic. If they’ve done so, combat levels up to 12 will further improve their spellcasting. Further levels above 12 will increase the level number, but not improve their spellcasting (or any other stat).

Your minions, and Keeper, will gain .2 experience for each unique type of enemy they kill. 5 such kills increase their level, but sometimes it doesn’t register until the 6th kill (so, combat level 1.2).

Additional kills of the same type of enemy give no XP. After you’ve killed your first bandit, zombie, or pig, killing more bandits, zombies, or pigs won’t teach you more.

Thus, you’re better off seeking out and killing a variety of enemies. It can be worth keeping potential attackers like bandits, kobolds, etc. alive, so they can send more enemies and everyone can get a chance to kill a bandit and kobold.

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