The Killing Antidote – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Early Access?

In a few months.

I want Jodi naked!

Never gonna happen.

I want more gore!

The amount there is now is the most we can do.

What is the DLC menu about?

Patreon exclusive clothing for early supporters of TKA.

Will the game be in X language?

Only if the budget and demand is there.

How much will the game cost?


Will there be COOP?


Will there be mod support?

There will be Steam Workshop available.

Why can’t I grab ledges?

It proved to be difficult to add, so it’s on the back burner.

I want X clothing added to the game

New clothing is not being added for some time, we need to finish working on the main story.

How do I unlock X clothing pieces?

Each mode has set pieces you can unlocks. So keep playing!

Is there manual save?

Yes, use any bed you can click on.

Zombies SFX is wack!

I know, we’re working on it.

I don’t like how you throw grenades!

We’re talking about changing it.

What do the dice do?

It’s a puzzle to store your gear for other playthroughs and game modes.

How do I get X gun?

There’s a puzzle you have to solve.

I want a map!

Pen and paper baby.

The game is too hard! Enemies keep spawning and I’m playing HARDCORE for my 1st playthrough!

I want weapon durability!

There’s not enough weapons in the game to have that makes sense.

But make Jodi do karate!

Use the axe, it’s really good.

What do the gems do?

We’ll be making that a thing later.

Can we do stealth kills?

Not at this time.

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