Panzer Knights – How to Run the Game on Steam Deck

Note: Running 256gb SSD original Steam Deck model, with Cryoutilities installed.

Guide to Run the Game on Steam Deck

Note: Credit goes to Far

Menu Settings to Get the Game Functional on Steam Deck

First thing you need to do is set the game’s language to English (or other supported languages) in the settings menu as it defaults to Japanese. In the settings menu, the very first option is language. Once you’re finished, do not close that menu yet.

Scroll to the last option on the same page, and enable controller mode. Unless you plan on making a custom layout using PC controls converted to Deck controls, GamePad mode is a must! I’d also recommend setting the aim sensitivity a bit lower than the default (find whatever is comfortable though).

Next thing you must do is turn all the settings to their lowest options (especially grass). The game is already not optimized for Deck, and something about the grass RUINS the FPS. You can tweak the settings around later once you’re in game to your preferences.

Make sure to also lower the resolution! You can play it at the 1280×800 resolution, but I recommend setting the resolution to 720p or lower, then using the Steam Deck’s built in FSR upscaling mode (with the sharpness at 4 or 5, and the mode set to stretch).

Make sure the game is in windowed mode for the fsr to kick in! This way you squeeze out extra performance, battery life, and visual clarity. If you do not know how to enable the Deck’s FSR, there is a helpful video I found linked below this written part of the guide called “You’re Doing It Wrong! Steam Deck FSR” by Novaspirit Tech (there are other videos out there on how to do this as well).

Edit: Also wanted to add you should increase the Text Speed in the settings menu, as by default I personally found it way too slow.

The Settings Menu in English to Reference

Things to Know About the Gameplay

Now you should be able to play just fine! Certain things about this game are a bit awkward, like the menus responsible for selecting, buying, and crewing your tanks. It is usable on the Deck’s controls, just takes a bit of getting used to. What also takes getting used to are the in mission controls. I suggest really giving the game a chance here before being scared away.

The various tanks do have different weapons, speeds, handling, and armor to consider. So just because the starting tanks might not sell you on the game, grinding to the newer ones that play more to your style might improve the game for you.

I do have a couple minor gripes, like how the friendly AI are really sluggish to actually follow and assist you. I also noticed the enemy AI is very passive until you engage first. This can be great for having extra time to position yourself properly before the engagement, but friendly AI will open fire once in range regardless of how stealthy you’re trying to be. I’d love to have more strategic command options for squad mates (besides just the 2 formations) but alas, maybe in the sequel?

How to Use Steam Deck FSR to Scale Game

Here is a helpful video to this guide on how to get FSR working!

In Conclusion

Overall for $11 I love this game as my “we have Girls Und Panzers Dream Tank Match at home” supplement (the Girls Und Panzer mod being a wonderful addition here from the Steam Workshop that DOES work on Deck).

The game hardly uses any drive space which is a nice bonus to have on Deck when storage is an issue. I believe if you go in to Panzer Knights wanting to play on Deck, are willing to deal with it’s setup, work around the flaws, and push through to unlock the better tanks, then there are worse ways to spend $11 and a few hours of your time. Thanks for reading!

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