Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator – Beginners FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: “Can this game run on emulator?”

A: No

Q: “Im stuck at 2-63 what to do?”

A: Raise level and craft defense up items

Q: “Im stuck at 3-22 what to do?”

A: S1 – S2 – S2 – Burst/S2 – S2 – S1 – Burst/S1 – S2 – Burst – S2

Q: “Im stuck…”

A: Raise level

Q: “But Im stuck at F7…”

A: Use all breakers you have, let them burst twice

Q: “Is this game F2P friendly?”

A: Not really, but gradually you will get all character you want from rerun and pity shop

Q: “How many gems do we get per month?”

A: Around 3500 with min ads roll, higher if you get lucky

Q: “How many gems event give?”

A: 1250 for story and 300-400 for new recipe

Q: “Should I invest on research?”

A: I mean it increases your stat so why not?

Q: “Yo this Light Orb drop rate so low I cant progress???”

A: Clear blue orb elite, then try to clear master if possible, then spam the highest stage you can until you get enough

Q: “How to increase skill level?”

A: S1 and S2 via growboard, Burst via awakening

Q: “How to get higher syn traits?”

A: Awakening and board (and luck)

Q: “How to get shiny coin?”

A: Convert extra items in Atelier, fastest way is spamming Dry Biscuit, else just progress normally.

Q: “Will there be additional training stage?”

A: Yes, except for Dew and Pieces.

Q: “When Valeria/girl with horn/Resna’s wife?”

A: After ch4 you get her 1*, her alt will be introduced after Sophie’s if we follow JP

Q: “How far are we from JP?”

A: 4 months

Q: “Does banner rerun?”

A: Yes.

Q: “What to do when finished story?”

A: Grind items and orb

Q: “Is there a limit of how many stamina I can store?”

A: 999

Q: “How about mana?”

A: 99 (for now)

Q: “How do I switch from phone to Steam/Steam to phone?”

A: Link your account on current device -> Login on other device via Data Transfer

Q: “How do we get gems once finished story?”

A: First clear reward and recipe, events, random mail if Koei wants to

Q: “What traits should I prioritize for equipment?”

  • Attacker – Skill dmg > Elemental dmg > Phys/Mag > Dmg dealt
  • Breaker – Stun dmg > all
  • Defender – Dmg received down/Resistance up/Buff or debuff potency increase
  • Supporter – Buff or debuff potency increase/Healing up
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