Manor Lords – How Market Mechanics Fulfill Population Needs + Tips

Essential Tips for Challenging Difficulty

Basic Mechanics:

  1. Markets cover unlimited ground, but the nearest burgs snag resources first, especially if there’s a shortage. Prioritize upgrading burgs closest to the market to level 3.
  2. It’s resource allocation per individual. Having half the coal and half the firewood won’t cut it; it’ll split the supply unevenly among the burgs.
  3. Just having resources isn’t enough; they need to be in market stalls. If needs aren’t met, you’ve got a logistics headache. Assign more families to handle storage, especially those near food sources.
  4. If needs persist, build specialized granaries for specific resources. Each 50+ burgs require an extra family to manage.
  5. Keep coal separate from firewood for easier distribution.
  6. Food consumption follows a hierarchy, starting with berries, unless a market doesn’t have access to them.
  7. Stockpile berries early for a food variety buffer.
  8. If you’re selling crucial resources, maintain a surplus to meet needs. Increase as your population grows.
  9. Keep non-upgradable burgs away from the market to avoid resource hogging. Except for veggie gardens—they benefit from extra families and storage.
  10. Don’t rush upgrading burgs; it’ll spike needs and plummet happiness. Prioritize upgrading the brewery for instant entertainment satisfaction. Hold off until you’re well-stocked on barley and have enough population for various tasks.

Remember, if you need weapons early, hit up the trader.

Bonus Tips:

  • You can rush two burgs to tier 2 to snag development points, then trash them after picking “Better Deals.” This unlocks crucial trade options without upping happiness needs—a game-changer.
  • Hold off on building your first burgs until basic needs are sorted (church, firewood, market, well, food). Housing is the only immediate need. Rushing burgs triggers other needs, tanking happiness—deadly in challenging mode.

Efficient Large Town Logistic Market Layout

  1. Centralize your market and plan for its future expansion.
  2. Place granaries closest to food sources and storehouses on the opposite side. Dedicate granaries to your top four food types for efficient need fulfillment.
  3. Set up large vegetable plots near granaries, with veggie burgage families working in them.
  4. Position the tavern adjacent to the market, with extended housing nearby. Convert this housing into a brewery with a malthouse in the rear.
  5. Arrange production facilities behind storehouses, specializing each storehouse to maximize quantity for meeting needs. Focus on what you produce the most.
  6. Position chicken coops and goat burgages furthest from the market, manned by workers from other facilities. Opt for single-family burgages for maximum yield.
  7. If you unlock Orchardry Development, create a large orchard burgage on the market’s final side. Assign families to granaries for efficient management.

Remember, adapt this layout to suit your playstyle and circumstances – it’s all about efficiency!

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