Denizen – Tips for Getting Started

Useful Tips to Help You Get Started

First off, knock out all of Austin’s gigs, there are four of ’em for now. Then, dive into either pizza delivery, bartending, or forklift duty until you hit level 10.

Next, grab yourself a store. Start with video games, sell ’em for 35 bucks each. Once you’ve banked 5000 dollars, switch to electronics. Price ’em at 110 with a 5% discount. Pro tip: Advertise daily for 50 bucks to boost sales.

Once you’re rolling in dough, snag that cargo van. Then expand your empire with a second and third store, selling electronics the same way.

Time to branch out. Start flipping houses. Buy a fixer-upper, spruce it up to 100 appeal, then flip it for profit. You can churn out 3-5 houses a day, depending on how much moolah you’re aiming for.

Once you’re swimming in even more cash, upgrade to pricier properties. Keep flipping until you’ve got more zeros in your bank account than you can count.

Example for Flipping:

  • 17 mountain spring: 128k to buy – spent 1k on furniture in pawn shop – sold for 142-148k.

Boom! You’ve conquered the game, congrats!

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