Dragon POW! – Dragon Tier List for Main Story

A quick guide with tips on how to choose a dragon for the main storyline in the Dragon POW! game.

Which Dragon to Choose?

It really depends on your play style and the stage, but the general consensus is obviously UR (red) dragons are better than SSR and SSR (yellow) dragons better than SR (purple).

Some dragons are red-shot dependent (like Bale, Lyme, Fafner, etc) whereas some Dragons arent (Dandelion and Shockwing), we call these [weapon type] dragons.

Some stages you barely get any red shot (the things you can absorb) and some you get bullet hell.

Then there is your playstyle, in the game, theres a small description of the dragon’s playstyle under their name.

Circled in Red


All UR dragons is viable for story mode!

SSR dragons that I recommend are:

  • Shockwing (Weapon Type).

Good for stages with no red shot

  • Spiander (Dragon Shot Type).

Good for survival (due to shield) and good dps

If you genuinely dont have any SSR or UR, then the two SR dragons I’d recommend is:

  • Bale (Dragon Shot Type).
  • Dandelion (Weapon Type).

Additional notes:

  • Weapon (sword icon) & Dragon shot (dragon head icon) are best.
  • Bombardment (wave icon) is in the middle, decent dps but cant outperform dragon shot types.
  • Rune (triangle icon) and Orb types (circle with dots icon) are a bit lack luster in damage.

Note: The list is subjected to change since Global version and the Chinese version could be different.

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