Manor Lords – AI, Farming and Market Tips

This guide explains how the AI works, and how to properly set up farms and markets.

AI Logic

  • The AI first takes care of the villagers’ homes and basic needs like food.
  • Then it handles the job you assigned the villager.
  • If the assigned job is full or can’t be done, the villager will try to fix the problem by getting needed resources.
  • The villager may also switch to a more vital town task if needed.
  • Villagers prioritize tasks closest to their home.


Farming Issues

  • Many reported “bugs” with farming are actually due to the AI priorities above. To avoid issues:

Initial Planting

  • A couple villagers will first go to the market and vegetable garden before fields.
  • If the fields are far away, they may not have time to fully plant them.


  • Villagers prioritize tasks closest to home, which may pull them away from harvesting fields.
  • If another resource is needed, they may leave fields to work on that.


  • Threshing is normal priority, so villagers will skip it for higher priorities like getting food.
  • If town has other major issues or fields are far, they’ll ignore even high threshing priority.

Fix Farming

  • Build farm a bit away from main town (2-3 house lengths).
  • Build houses right next to fields and farmhouse.
  • Manually assign those families to the farm.
  • Don’t build other jobs near those families’ homes.

This ensures the farm is the closest and highest priority for those families.


  • Markets supply the closest houses first on a first-come basis.
  • One family member has to travel to the market to get supplies each year.
  • You can supply all houses in a province from one market, no matter the distance.
  • But for larger houses (tier 2+), one trip may not supply enough so efficiency drops.

So place markets smartly but don’t worry too much about distance, unless houses are very large.

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