Manor Lords – How to Fix Exceeding / Impossible Market Stalls Issue

Exceeding / Impossible Market Stalls on Market Square [Solved]

If you’re having trouble with market stall access or your city layout is cramped for a big market square, here’s a workaround for ya.

First off, make sure you’ve got the [Forign Suppliers] perk picked.

This perk is kinda busted, but in a good way this time. It lets you slap down food and firewood carts that use regional cash to buy firewood and bread, scoring you extra dough.

Here’s the scoop: those carts? The game treats ’em like regular market stalls. And here’s the kicker: when you plonk one down and then scrap it, the game marks the spot as a legit place for a citizen to set up shop with a market stall.

Couple things to keep in mind: you’re stuck with just these two carts, and you gotta build ’em one by one. Plus, your market area needs to be big enough for a cart.

So now, you can (theoretically) churn out firewood and bread forever, and set up as many market stalls as your heart desires without hogging half the map with a massive market square.

Got a bit of land left over ’cause of housing? Plop down a small market. Got some tricky geography blocking your buildings? Build a mini market.

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