Lost Ark – Death and Healing


Lost Ark features two basic healing methods: drinking healing potions (purchasable in shops, often dropped by monsters or obtained as quest rewards) or automatic health regen when out of combat.

Furthermore, when playing as a team, some character classes can heal themselves and, even more importantly, their allies, which is crucial in boss fights and dungeons; one of the available healers is the Warrior -> Paladin.

You heal, by default, by clicking the healing potion in your quick access bar or by pressing the F1 key.


When you lose all your health, you die. Fallen players are marked by candles floating over their bodies – unfortunately you can’t resurrect allies in Lost Ark.

If you die, you can use a special item, you also can respawn for free in the nearest camp (the only thing you lose upon dying is your time).

The second option, which is especially helpful in remote dungeons and during boss fights, is using a Phoenix Plume. This is a rare item you can obtain by completing quests or trading with other players.

The item doesn’t work when it’s buried deep in your inventory. Right-click it to assign it to your character (it will then disappear from your inventory).

You can see the current amount of your Phoenix Plumes in the upper-left corner of the screen, to the right of the money icon.

Be Careful

  • Phoenix Plumes are rare and you shouldn’t abuse them. They can’t be purchased with in-game currency, only real money. You can sometimes get plumes for certain in-game activities: finding secrets, daily quests (after reaching level 50) and others.


  • If you die, you lose 5% of your inventory’s durability. Dying a few times can destroy your inventory altogether, especially if you forget to see the blacksmith to repair your equipment.
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